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Men’s Dopp Kit Essentials

PKMH Checklist

A Dopp Kit is basically a toiletry bag that men carry while traveling. It is the grooming kit that carries essentials. Your Dopp kit is supposed to be functional enough to be your travel go-to.

When you're traveling with your friends, family or for work, your dopp kit should be well-packed and carry all essentials that you'd require on the journey. A nice and classy dopp kit says a lot about you.


Let's take a look at the 10 essentials to carry in a Dopp kit for men while traveling-

1) Soap

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If you're planning on an extended trip and would be staying at different places, then keep small bar soaps in your Dopp Kit. After a long tiring journey, one needs to take a bath and stay grime free.

2) Shampoo

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You can get a travel-size shampoo. Travel size shampoos are great for outdoor use. You can also pour out some shampoo in a small bottle if you do not want to buy another. It is very important to carry shampoo and wash your hair regularly especially if you like a particular brand or blend.

3) Lotion

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After a good hot/cold water bath, you need to apply a good lotion all over your body to keep your body hydrated and fresh. The body lotions are a must for every man who is traveling. No one wants dry and tired skin when they travel.

4) Comb

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Do not forget to keep a comb in your Dopp kit, because you’ll regret it for sure. Your hair should look perfect and untangled. It is important to comb your hair from time to time when you’re out and exposed to lots of dust. This keeps your hair neat & clean.

5) Face & Body Wipes

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Face & body wipes should be there in your pockets as well as in your Dopp kit because sweating on trips is normal. Wiping out all the dirt and sweat is the best way to go for your hygiene too. Keep yourselves squeaky clean and fresh by keeping extra wipes.

6) Deodorant

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Taking a nice shower with all these essentials and not spraying some deodorant on you is a stupid choice to make. You should carry a nice deodorant on your travel journeys so that you look fresh and smell amazing. An anti perspirant must always be a go-to while travelling.

7) Toothpaste and brush

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Toothpaste and a toothbrush is almost a mandatory duo in the Dopp kit. Many five-star hotels provide it, but if you’re planning to go on a trek or camping, then carrying it is a smart choice. A must-have item to keep in your Dopp kit.

8) Moisturiser

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Keeping your face moisturised after every few intervals is an essential thing to do while you’re out on a trip or a journey. Do not forget to add moisturisers for your kit because it protects your skin from harsh weather and drying out. It keeps your facial skin hydrated for a longer period. Especially necessary for air travel.

9) Hairstyling products

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Hairstyling products can help you look groomed and provide nourishment when needed to your hair strands while travelling. The right hairstyling products can protect your hair from pollution as well and make you look amazing. Just remember to regularly wash of any excess product build up in your hair.

10) Shaving tools

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A shoving kit is a must-have in the Dopp kit. You can also include a nice trimmer to at least trim your beard and keep it neat. Depending on personal preferences a beard oil as well as other essentials that would be helpful in shaving and keeping your beard healthy can be added to the Dopp kit.


These were some of the essentials you must keep in your dopp kit if you are planning a long or even a short trip out of town. The list is functional, useful and work towards clean grooming throughout your trip. Self care is the key for travel or at home.


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Note: The recommendations in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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