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PKMH Mens Hair Trends

Why should women have all the fun when it comes to hair colour trends? It's the year 2022, and it's time for the men to try something new. And what better way to begin the year than with a new hair colour? Our choices for men's hair colour trends in 2022, as well as where to find them, can provide some fascinating inspiration!

Trying out fresh hair colours is a terrific approach to make yourself look more appealing and fashionable. If done correctly, a man with coloured hair will usually appear more suave. So, before you embark on this new aesthetic adventure, let us show you some of the top mens hair colour trends for 2022.

Let's begin by looking at some of the most popular men's hair colour trends available. Take a time to consider which hair colour appeals to you: pale pinks, fiery purples, or a midnight blue hue. If colour isn't your style, a traditional grey or blonde is usually a good option for a subtle but yet appealing look. We've got a mix of bold, brilliant colours, dark, and subtle colours for you to choose from without making too much of a drastic shift!

Before we go into the colour, you can choose between a dramatic makeover with a global colour, highlights, or lowlights, depending on the appearance you think would suit your personality. But first, let's take a look at some of the most popular men's hair colour trends.

Celebrities, particularly Kpop idols, have popularised the majority of these hues since they are more distinctive in their appearance.


Continue reading to learn about the hottest hair colours for 2022.

1. Auburn

Auburn Hair colour is most likely one of the most popular hair colour fads that has endured the test of time. It has a brownish-red colour to it. It lends you a fascinating, enticing, and even exotic appearance. A man with Auburn hair colour will not be able to avoid your gaze, as the hue is a powerful contender. It's not a really bright colour, and it looks fantastic when used as a whole.

Auburn hair colour is sometimes referred to as a "cool tone," which means it has a blue undertone. It looks wonderful on neutral skin tones and is a perfect shade for fair to medium skin tones.

2. Chestnut

The Chestnut hue is the next color that is very popular among young males. It's a deep brown shade that provides any man with a timeless appeal. It has a rich dark tone with faint reddish undertones. This color will make a slight difference to your overall appearance and will not overshadow it. The difference between Auburn and Chestnut hair is that chestnut hair has a warmer tone and is more brown in hue.

If you don't want the hue to be too simple or uninteresting, add some lighter highlights to give the design more personality.

3. Ombre

Ombre hair color is in vogue and has been a popular hairstyle for the previous several years. If you're wondering if Ombre is still fashionable in 2022, the answer is yes. The Ombre style can be found everywhere, from runways to magazine covers. Beach blonde, light brown, and natural browns are the greatest Ombre Hair colour options.

If your skin tone is fair, go for a subtle, ashy blonde tone. If you h

ave a darker skin tone, however, rich reds, copper, and bronze ombre are options.

4. Natural Light Brown Highlights

This is the ideal hair colour for males who like a more understated look. Natural highlights are also a good choice for novices because they aren't too harsh. This hair colour is a good choice if you want to be safe.

It's great for warmer undertones because it's a warm colour.

5. Global Ash Grey

If you're not scared to go all out, this hair colour could satisfy your desire for a big transformation. This has slightly darker grey tones than the silver and can make quite an impact wherever.

You can choose between warm and cool grey tones while using grey. If your undertone is warm, choose a warm shade; if it is chilly, choose an ashy tone.

6. Dark and Dusty

This hair colour is unlike any other on the list. You'll enjoy this next look if you're tired of the normal tints of blond, brown, and silver. You can choose between dark green and dark blue (based on your skin tone). The technique, not the colour, is the focus here.

Using a temporary hair colour spray, you can easily reproduce this look at home. To generate a little dusting of colour on your hair, spray from a distance. It has a natural appearance and is a quick cure for a short-term alteration.


This article features a mix of dramatic and delicate hair colours. You can choose your perfect choice of hair colour based on how comfortable you are with it. But remember, no matter what hair colour you choose, confidence is the best makeover.

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