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Who doesn’t love the beauty of monsoons. It never fails to bring a smile to our face and a cheer to our heart. But with joy comes humidity of monsoons. The scalp infections and itchiness is not something one would enjoy in any weather.


So to enjoy this season without any worry, we have some hair care routines that one can follow for healthy hair, in the monsoons.

1. Apply Oil Twice Weekly

The most essential key to healthy hair, is proper nourishment via hair oils. Apply on the scalp and massage deeply so it penetrates to the roots. Not only does it improve the blood circulation but also nourishes your hair internally. This helps you getting frizz free hair in monsoons and deep conditioning of herbs.

2. Washing Your Hair After Rain Is A Must

As we have grown up watching Bollywood movies, most of us would love to get drenched in the rain. As much as fun it is, let’s not forget the infections it might cause to your hair. It may make your hair greasy and itchy along with bacterias that may infest over there. Therefore it’s really essential to take a hair wash after coming in contact with rainwater.

3. Go for chemical free shampoo and conditioner

As promising as some famous shampoo brands may sound, they are heavily loaded with chemicals, that may make your hair rough and damaged over the time if not used specifically to suit your condition. Therefore, always go for a herbal or natural shampoo that strengthens your hair follicles, specifically in times of the monsoon.

4. Make Natural Hair Packs At Home

Without having to spend thousands of bucks in salon for treatments, just make some DIY hair packs at home to provide natural nourishment that would last for a long time.

5. Keep your hair dry

As we know the hair is weakest when it’s wet, hence it’s really important to keep dry via umbrellas, rain hoodies or raincoats to avoid the unnecessary breakage in monsoons.

It’s a must not to tie your hair when it’s wet to avoid any bacterias or infections from percolating.

6. Eat healthy food

You must avoid spicy and oily foods (yes this seems difficult as the monsoons scream for just this kind of food) in monsoon as it may intensify your hair problems with increase in sebum. Therefore, go for a diet that is rich in Vitamins and keep yourself hydrated with lots of water.

7. Pick the right comb

Avoid using combs with narrow teeth and go for a one with wide gaps to easily detangle your hair without breakage with is prominent in monsoons. Also avoid sharing your combs as it may increase the risk of having infections.

8. Short hair will ease it all

Keeping short hair has its own benefits like less breakage and more manageable. So to avoid hair fall , you can get a quick haircut to reduce the hassle of managing it and minimising the risk of infections.

9. Control the frizz

Control the frizzy hair with serums while detangling your hair or right after a hair wash when it’s towel dried. It smoothens your hair and eases l combing.

10. Start from bottom

You may have witnessed people combing their hair with roots while you should always begin combing from tips to the roots to reduce unnecessary breakage of hair.


These were some of our PKMH recommended hair care tips that may come in handy when you’re enjoying the rains without holding yourself back from the fun.

The idea is to build hair power during monsoon showers … (pun intended - we try!)


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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