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Monsoon Hairstyles for Long Hair

Simple #DIY Ideas

With the monsoon season comes frizzy hair and a messy look all day. One must show some tlc towards their hair especially during this season because of various hair issues it brings along with it.

One such way is donning a casual yet chic hairstyle specifically for long hair. The main focus is not only to look elegant but also to protect your hair from frizzy texture and other hair woes.


Here is a list of simple diy hairstyles for the Monsoons:

1) Top Knot

Image Source - Pinterest

Get the classiest and easy hairstyle this monsoon season - the top knot. This hairstyle is effortless and suited perfectly for your casual hangout with friends as well as work-from-home video calls. You can wear this look even on busy days where you have unwashed or even slightly greasy hair. All you have to do is gather up your entire hair on top, twist it in such a way that your hair gets tied together or braid and twist into a knot. You can also pull out a few strands like bangs gently framing your face.

2) High Ponytail

Image Source - Pinterest

A very stylish and low maintenance hairstyle for this monsoon season is thr high ponytail. Gather your entire hair in one hand on the top and tie a ponytail to get a complete and finished look. Give it a messy look by bringing out a few stands in the front and by pulling the crown section of your hair a little from the root with a thin comb to get a messy look while keeping the look cool and yet less frizzy.

3) Messy Hair bun

Image Source - Pinterest

Messy hair buns deserve the award for ring the simplest yet most desirable hairstyle ever. The main idea of the messy hair bun is to give your hair a casual and

sassy twist to form a bun that looks messy but makes it cute. The frizz on your hair due to the season also contributes to the entire look making it more on point trend wise.

4) Fishtail Braid

Image Source - Pinterest

Fish braid hairstyles are never going out of trend. They look stunning, especially on women with long hair and suit every outfit, be it western or Indian. Take a little section of hair from the upper part and divide it into three. Now start forming a braid from the upward direction and slowly come towards the end by adding a few strands from the sides after each braid you form. Voila! You're ready to rock every look even when you're planning to stay inside for a movie night.

5) Half Top Knot

Image Source - Pinterest

For all the long haired lasses who love to flaunt their smooth long hair. Here's a diy hairstyle for you. Gather and collect only the front section of your hair and twist it at the top of your head to form a knot. Leave the other lower section of your hair opened. The hairstyle looks really smart and hides the frizz from the upper section, making it functional yet tres chic.


Which effortless and smart hairstyle did you like the most? Well, here's something we think y'all should know. Nowadays, the scrunchies are in trend and ladies are saying goodbye to old rubber band days. Use the scrunchies to get these diy hairstyles done and look amazing.

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