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Nail Art for Diwali

PKMH Look Recommendation

Diwali is here we're all busy planning for it. We're sure your preparations are in full gear, from choosing the perfect attire to looking for the best makeup ideas for your look. But are you paying much attention to your nails?

Your choice of nail colour and style is crucial in finishing and complementing your festive clothing. So don't worry gals, we've got your back. We've compiled a list of some stunning nail art styles to help you look amazing this festive season.


Here we go:

1. Sparkly Blue

Image Source

Although blue is not a really conventional festive colour, trust us when we say it will look amazing. Go for some shimmer and silver establishments on a matte base. This radically modifies the look of this manicure, making it perfect for Diwali. It is a perfect combination for someone who doesn't want to go for too much but also wants it to be glam and beautiful.

2. Black and Gold

Image Source

Black and Gold is surely a match made in heaven and when combined for nail art, this black and gold nail art is surely going to be a winner. Go for some gold foil establishments as they elevate your nail art and give it that extra edge. This is a really classy combination. Try to go for a matte base as designs tend to show better on matte bases. This is a perfect combo for someone who's not that fond of colours and likes to keep it black and classy.

3. Heavenly white

Image Source

White nails appear uber-chic and exceedingly high fashion, whether you're clubbing in western or ethnic attire. White looks amazing with almost everything and has that subtle tone in it which is not too loud but still has a beautiful touch to it. This nail art is ideal for individuals who like a more minimalistic and more simplistic look.

4. Beautiful Beadwork

Image Source

If you can't decide whether to keep it low-key or use celebratory colours on your, don't worry we've got your back. This design is something that will serve both objectives. This beautiful bead nail art is perfect and an excellent choice for celebrations. It is neither too much nor too little and has a little bit of everything in it. The beautiful beadwork can give your nails a really elegant look making them look all shiny and glam.

5. Rich Appliqué Work

Image Source

Nothing beats the beauty of intricate aplic work, whether on your clothes or your nails. If you're going for simple or basic outfit choices this Diwali season, this gorgeous nail art will offer a wow factor. This careful application design has minute detailings in it which look amazing with simple outfits. This is a really good option for someone who doesn't want to go overboard with their styling choices but still wants to make a statement, this gorgeous nail art will offer a wow factor.

6. Ravishing In Red

Image Source

If you're someone who's a fan of glitter but doesn't want to go all crazy with it, this nail art is for you. It has just the perfect amount of glitz and glam which is toned out by matter and metallic nail polishes. And as we all know red is the most loved and festival-approved colour in our Indian household. It not only has boldness in it but it also looks amazing on nails giving you all bold ethnic vibes.

7. Charming in Yellow

Image Source

If you want your nails to emanate Diwali vibes and sentiments, you could go for this beautiful nail art. You just need a few stones to produce this effect, which has a lovely yellow-green background. This design has a royal touch to it and will look amazing with ethnic attire. You can also go for different colour stones for this as green and yellow go with almost all colours. This is a really amazing design if you want to go for bold colours.

8. French Manicure

Image Source

If you're someone who enjoys a French manicure, you must try this gorgeous design. It is perfect for people who like subtle colours with a proper pinch of festiveness in it. The rhinestone accent on the pinkie and fingers is subtle, yet it will look wonderful with all your height traditional and festive ensembles. It has a calm look to it which gives it a super classy modern and chic touch. One can hardly go wrong with a French manicure so if you don't want to experiment a lot and want to keep it chic and simple, this one's for you.


These are some of our top picks for you. May your new nails be all glitz and glam this Diwali season and may this coming Diwali bring lots of happiness in brightness to your life. Hurry up and head over to your favourite nail salon!

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