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PKMH Nails 101

There are a plethora of ways to get into the spirit of the season. Sure, you can (and most likely will!) deck the halls with Christmas decorations and binge-watch some of the finest holiday films. However, these holiday Christmas nail art ideas are another way to add the glamor, glitter, and shine to the holiday spirit.

Think about it: every time you glance down, those sparkling Christmas nails with their intricate designs atop the season's fashionable hues will bring a grin to your face.


Here are some of our #pkmhrecommends styles!

1. Christmas Nail Art Idea: Go All Out

Winter holidays, Christmas and new year, female hands with colorful festive manicure designs holding glass cups with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

When you can't decide which design to choose, go with all of them! From stripes to glitter to candy canes, each nail has its own distinct pattern. To make your outfit feel unified, choose three to four key colors and stick with them.

2. Christmas Nail Art Idea with Silver Bells

Light blue and silver glitter in icy tones will linger far into the new year. Alternate designs for a more graphic effect, or choose just one glitter accent nail for a subtler look.

3. Christmas Nail Art Idea: Tiny Trees

Pick a palette, paint on a white or light-colored base, and start painting on trees in many kinds of designs. We adore this out-of-the-box color scheme, but we think classic red, green, and gold would be just as cheerful! To obtain a clean finish, use little brushes, toothpicks, or even a nail dotting tool.

4. Christmas Nail Art in Glossy Red

The color red is unquestionably the color of the holidays. A traditional red gel manicure will endure throughout the season. To make it feel a little more unique, apply a really sparkly top coat.

5. Holiday French

Red and green tips provide a touch of Christmas joy to 2021's trendiest manicure style. If you match your coffee cup, you'll get bonus points.

6. Brown French tips

The traditional Christmas nail colours of red, green, white, and gold aren't required. Just as simply, a gorgeous bold brown will suffice! If you add a little sparkle to half of your matte French tips, your nails will resemble a gingerbread home.

7. Over the top reindeer nails

With a manicure brush, red glitter, and off-white and black lacquer, you can make your nails seem like Rudolph on the other end of the spectrum. I mean, the red on his nose is the same red as the rest of his mani! Short nails will work just as well—just make the reindeer face a little smaller.

8. Touch of sparkle

Never before has a basic outfit felt so joyful! Because of the gold, blue, and pink hues in the sparkling nail polish, it's actually more complicated than it appears. Simply apply a little coating to the top half of each nail, then add a second coat to the very tips if necessary. (Alternatively, start by softly pressing down at the center of the nail and gradually increase the pressure as you approach towards the top.)

9. Ombre red french tip nails

For Christmas, we love a basic French manicure, but adding some festive color kicks it up a level. Furthermore, this ombré nail look is quite distinctive, and I'm all for it. To get the effect, use this deep red hue.

10. Long stiletto tips

If the vivid red tint is too much for you, try this traditional French tip instead. It'll go with whatever Christmas ensemble you have planned, and it's the ideal design to retain for the whole holiday season—they'd even make wonderful New Year's Eve nails.


These are some of our favourite nail art styles for this holiday season. Enhance your look with the nail art you like best you can even mix and match a few and create your own signature style!

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