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PKMH Recommends

The gloomy days with grey skies of monsoon are already here. But we just can’t let the dullness take over us. Let’s infuse some bright and vibrant colours into our beauty routine this dull season. Go for vivid colours with an intense pop.


Our ‘PKMH recommends’ list could not get any more colourful this season. Have a look!

This beautiful and shiny tangerine shade looks vibrant and pops out in the dull weather. It’s protected from water and daily wear.

Price: Rs.165

This pretty colour brings the sunny side upin this happy lemon yellow shade.The colour stands out of crowd and comes free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and camphor.

Price: Rs.199

The Fire in this amazing creamy coral shade nail paint , will definitely bring out the queen in you and that promises no streaking or chipping of nails.

Price: Rs.175

This popular nail colour from the house of swiss beauty is a bright blue shade that reminds you of clouds of a clear day and definitely doesn't turn yellow or chip.

Price: Rs.79

This Nykaa nail Polish comes in a peaceful pista Colour that would cool your mind and look stunning any time of the day.

Price: Rs.139

This beautiful Colour will look perfect on a pastel colour dress. The ocean mist Colour will remind you of beach, and due to its cool tone, it will suit all skin tones.

Price: Rs.225

This exquisite shade is treat for all red lovers. The shade represents the deep red colour, which perfectly compliments all skin types and all the outfits.

Price: Rs.75

This nail paint comes in a Pro-UV formula which looks and stays like a gel. This long lasting nail paint air-dries quickly on its own. The beautiful dark purple suits in every season and looks stunning on special occasions.

Price: Rs.299

This beautiful colour will just brighten up your mood at one look. For this rainy reason get yourself a pink nail polish in a cooler and more vibrant pink shade that soothes the eye in the best way possible.

Price: Rs.599

This popular lavender Colour is winning hearts of all the ladies in every season. This pretty Colour comes with a tint of lilac and looks spectacular with every outfit. All you need is this colour in your collection to rock this season of monsoon.

Price: Rs.107


These were some of the best curated nail paints for monsoon. Add these to your collection to make a statement everywhere you go! It’s time for you add some spunk, style & colour to this monsoon.


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Note: the recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, pls reach out to us on email.

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