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PKMH Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t love lipsticks? Whether it’s a bright red or earthy hues, pop pinks or subtle nudes. This one product can single-handedly be a game-changer for your whole makeup look.

But sometimes even after applying the most vibrant lip colour, the end result is far from flattering. That’s where we swoop in.


To guide you to achieve that perfect pout we have some simple, tried & tested #PKMHmakeuptips for you.

1. Exfoliate

Prepping is the most important thing when it comes to any makeup. Perfect prepping always leads to beautiful and flawless results. Never apply lipstick on your lips without prepping them first as it may leave your lips dry, flakey, patchy and tacky to look at. Exfoliate your lips with the help of an exfoliator to remove any dead cells as lips are pretty sensitive and tend to become dry fast. Therefore, make exfoliating your lips before applying any product a must in your routine.

2. Hydrate

Hydrating your lips can be a complete game-changer when it comes to your lips as they moisturise your lips, and make them soft and healthy. There are plenty of good options available in the market when it comes to products related to the hydration of lips. There are plenty of lip oils and lip balms available that will give you the perfect nourishment and hydration and will make your lips healthy and smooth .

3. Colour Correcting

Pigmentation and discolouration are very normal and most of us have it therefore we can colour correct our lips before applying lipstick which will help the colour to show up better and richer. This hack is most helpful for people with dark lips. So before applying lipstick add a lighter foundation powder on your lips to mute out the colour of your lips. Once the colour is muted, you can apply any colour on your lips and it will show super well showing its true shade looking flawless.

4. Fill & Trace

We can apply a lip liner before applying lipstick on our lips. Line your lips before applying lipstick. However this should not be limited to the edges but should be applied all over your lip area. This hack makes the lipstick a long-wear formula and increases its stay power. You can also use a lip liner after applying your lipstick to give your lips a precise shape and give a good finish.

5. Conceal

If you want more muted lips or you are not able to get precise lines or in general you are not good with lips liners then this hack is going to be a lifesaver for you. You can apply your lipstick with the help of your finger and fill your lips and after that, you can perfect it with the help of a concealer and a brush and clean the feathered look and hide over lining where needed. This hack will make your lips look flawless with a clean and precise look.

6. Lip Shape As A Guide

For thin lips: Overdraw your lips if you have thin lips. Overline your lips with the lip liner of the colour closest to your lip colour. Instead of lining your natural lines go a bit higher. Overdraw on your cupid bones and the fullest part of your bottom lips. But remember do not over the line because if you do that you'll end up looking more like a clown than a beauty.

For fuller lips: Use a medium to dark lip liner if you have fuller lips and go for a darker shade of lipstick that is deeper than your natural colour. Draw over your natural lip line and don't overdraw. Opt for a dark lip shade as it tends to make your lips look smaller than their original size.

7. Use A Lip Brush

Not all of us are good with lipsticks and pointy lip liners and often end up messing up the final look. To ease the application process you can use a lip brush to apply lipstick as it is simple and gives you precise and even application without any extra product deposit. You can also keep a concealer and brush handy in case of any mess-ups.

8. Blot & Set

After you're done with your lipstick blot your lips in the end by squeezing them together in a napkin. This helps you to get rid of any excess product and prevent any slippage. After that use a translucent powder and dab it on your lips because this will not let your lipstick move and make it stay intact the whole day.

9. Right Shade & Gloss

The shade of lipstick plays a great role when it comes to lips. First talking about the cult favourite 'nude shades.' The task of nude lip colour is to make your lips fuller and not to make them disappear. Therefore, always choose the correct nudes for your skin tone and try to go for colours slightly deeper or darker than your natural skin tone.

A gloss is not a long-wear product and you need to keep reapplying from time to time therefore applying a gloss on a long-wear lipstick works super well and makes it stay for a longer time.

10. Lip Stains

Lip stains look super pretty and give a natural look and finished touch to your lips, but not all of us are ready to buy a new product for that. Don't worry girls, we are here to help you out. You can apply lipstick on your finger and slowly dab it on your lips. This will give your lips a natural and soft look.


These lipstick hacks can make your lips stick wear last longer and the application much smoother. The end result being the perfect pout.

Here’s to flawless makeup!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair, makeup or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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