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Prepping Your Skin For A Party

PKMH Festive Care

After these tumultuous few months, I believe we all deserve a respite from worrying about the future and are prepared to greet the festivals with a big, bright smile. And because of Diwali right around the corner, we get a good reason to doll up for parties and enjoy ourselves to the fullest at these festive celebrations.

But amidst all the ongoing festivity we mustn’t forget to look after our skin while browsing endless websites for the right clothing or watching endless videos on YouTube to discover how to master the glam makeup look to rock this Diwali. The party season has officially begun, which means you will be attending back-to-back get-togethers including family gatherings and company functions. Festive season on the other hand also means fasting, drinking, eating, sleeping late or not at all, and the slew of other skin-damaging behaviour as if the cold season was not enough. Worst of all we still have to get up the next day (or afternoon) and go to another one looking as fresh as a daisy.

And that’s where we’ve got your back.


Here are some quick and easy techniques to help you prep your skin for all the festivities coming your way.

Here we go:

1. Exfoliation

Your skin will never be ready unless you exfoliate and remove all the undesired dry, damaged and dead cells from its surface. It not only makes skin smooth and luminous but also shows that the skin care regimen you choose will be absorbed and beneficial to your skin. Scrub your face focusing on the T zone and after that wash your face with lukewarm water to open your pores. You can also use cold water to wash. You can scrub your whole body as we all want our skin to be soft and moisturized this party season.

2. Cleanse

You can skip the scrubbing part if you want but cleansing is a must not only for parties but for your daily life. Cleansing cleans your face and gives it a certain amount of moisture. Always opt for mild cleansers as they are not harsh on the skin and have no harmful chemicals in them. Also, have an oil cleanser on your shelf. First, cleanse your face with the help of an oil cleanser. After that, cleanse it again with your particular face wash according to your skin concern. Double cleansing not only improves the skin condition but also keeps your skin squeaky clean. Also, an oil cleanser is a must if you're someone who wears makeup a lot as it cleans the makeup properly and cleanly.

3. Moisturize

This particular step is a game-changer when it comes to skincare regimens. Apply an ample amount of moisturiser on your skin as it moisturises the skin from within giving it the required moisture it needs and making the skin feel plump, healthy and soft. A well-moisturised skin helps in absorbing the makeup products better.

4. Eye creams

A lot of us may not agree or won't even have this step in skincare but eye creams are important when it comes to preparing your skin. The area of the eye is pretty sensitive and it needs a good amount of moisture. Sometimes the moisture given by the moisturiser is not enough for your eyes therefore we should opt for eye creams as they provide the eyes with proper nourishment helping with puffiness, dark circles and other issues and help in the absorption of products in a better way.

5. Lip Balm

Always scrub your lips with the mild lip scrubber while preparing skin for festive makeup as it removes the dead skin cells from the lips. Follow this up by applying a good moisturising lip balm as your lips become pretty dry during the season and they need an ample amount of moisture and hydration.

6. Drink lots of water

This is not directly related to the skin but drinking a lot of water helps a lot as it detoxifies your body and skin making it glow from within. Drinking water should not only be a must in a festive skincare regimen but should be inculcated as a daily life habit.

7. Primer

Apply a good primer as it plays a very vital role in preparing your skin for festive makeup. If you have large pores go for a shrinking primer. You can also opt for an illuminating primer as it will give you a glowing look.

8. Strobe cream or liquid highlighter

Festive makeup is all about that glow Shine and glamour. So a strobe cream or a liquid highlighter is a must when it comes to glowy makeup. For a good strobe cream or liquid highlighter and apply a decent amount on your face to give your face an illuminating look and then follow it with your foundation.

9. Serums

There are different types of serum available in the market which give you glass-like skin and work as a great base for makeup. Unlike strobe creams and liquid highlighters, they have no glitter particles in them and moisturise the skin bringing a glow from within.

10. Makeup

Opt for a dewy foundation as it makes skin glow. Powder the areas which leave a lot of sebum and oil to make your makeup stay for a longer time. Go for partly and glittery eye makeup as the festival season comes only once and why not experiment and do something different from the mainstream. Apply a good amount of highlighter at the end because no matter how much the highlighter is, it is always less. Follow it up with a beautiful shade of lipstick that would complement your outfit. In the end, apply a good amount of makeup fixing spray as it helps your makeup to stay for a long time and it lessens the hassle of touching up after every hour.


These are some of our festive skincare tips for you. Our wish at PKMH is for this festive season to bring a lot of light and happiness to your life

& for your skin to glow and illuminate every room this Diwali!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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