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Role of VitamiN-e

Vitamin E- the magical treatment for your skin & hair woes!

Vitamin E happens to be one of the major antioxidants that has several health benefits. We have got accustomed to adding filters either to a photograph or with layers of makeup while running away from what really needs our attention. Yes you got that right ....

Our Skin!

To take care of that, we have analysed for you, how one can easily include Vitamin E in their daily routine & what wonders Vitamin E can do for your skin. Yes you may continue reading ahead with enthusiasm.




The mixture of vitamin E and vitamin C can act as a natural antioxidant and can reduce hyper-pigmentation, studies have shown. This could be your favorite new friend while enjoying long hours staying out in the sun!



The vitamins found in Vitamin E improve blood distribution. The skin ageing process is delayed by vitamin E oil as well as other vitamin E topical formulations. It also allows your skin to look healthy and firm.



Vitamin E oil acts as a moisturiser to minimise and eliminate dry skin. While adding a healthy glow and fresh suppleness to your skin.



It is widely thought that vitamin E, when applied to the skin, helps to improve healing and prevent scarring. While a few tests have been performed to support this, the overwhelming body of evidence shows that vitamin E does not recreate skin wounds.



A topical vitamin E solution encourages the production of healthy skin cells and revitalises cell regeneration to help restore new acne spots and remove them. Choose moisturising oil or jelly butter containing vitamin E to remove stretch marks during pregnancy and post pregnancy. And to alleviate itchiness and rub it straight on to areas prone to age spots on a daily basis.



A healthy hair shaft can also be encouraged by vitamin E, as it has good antioxidant properties that help keep hair growth consistent. The vitamin's antibacterial action can help minimise the antioxidant processes and immune cells that contribute to the decomposition of the hair follicle layers in the scalp of an person. Available as an oil or as capsules, this is a wonder treatment.




1. 100% Herbal Medicinal Grade for Personal Wellbeing, 30 ml Deve Herbes Pure Vitamin E Oil with Glass Dropper

It eliminates lines, removes black spots and with even less time cures damaged skin & scars. Our Vitamin E strengthens the immune system & helps to battle against infections.

Get these from Amazon store at Rs. 329

2. The Vitamin E Cleanser from the Body Shop

• With a smooth and velvety brush, skin feels hydrated and supple

• Helps to lighten the presence of fine lines and wrinkles

• Reduces the presence of skin abnormalities

Get this cleanser from Amazon store at Rs.1346

3. Tattva Pure Vitamin-E Oil by Nature, 50ml

• Provides rich, strong moisture to reduce the obvious symptoms of skin ageing.

• Holds oil from oxidising, hardening & closing pores in the skin.

• Formulated with lanolin and vitamin E to replenish and preserve moisture intensely, forming a velvety barrier to the moisture.

Get this amazing product from Amazon store for Rs.469


Surprised much? From being easily available online or in drug stores, to being a common ingredient found in several skin care products, Vitamin E has been excessively used by many skin care enthusiasts. Be it a beautician, hair stylist or even your best friend, Vitamin E has been a major conversation stealer in several beauty related conversations.

So what are waiting for? Go ahead and surprise your skin with your new friend.


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Note the recipes & recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns , reach out to us on email.

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