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Sanitise & Moisturise

Hand Moisturisers To Combat Dryness Post Sanitiser Use.

The season of sanitizers and hand washes has not ended yet. As the time passes by, you can see the empty bottles of sanitizers piled up in the corner of your houses. But are you noticing the roughness on your skin? Most probably yes! Have a look at your hands and notice the roughness, dehydration and peeling texture on it. That’s because the alcohol in sanitisers strips your skin off it’s natural moisture. Well, sanitizers are important but so are hand creams to keep your skin healthy and moisturised.


Here's the list of 10 creams or lotions to combat roughness and dryness of your post-sanitised hands:

Infused with Shea, cocoa butter, cedar wood which helps in regeneration of skin call and gives soft and smooth hands. The reviews of this product are quite amazing.

Price: INR 725

It is particularly marketed as hand cream enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E that helps in nourishing your skin.

Price: INR140

It contains extracts of Shea, butter, olive oil that helps in keeping the skin moist and hydrated all day long with hyaluronic acid too.

Price: INR 300

This cream contains honey and almond milk extracts that moisturizes your skin without making your hands sweaty. It heals roughness and soothes your skin.

Price: INR 450

It gives relieving results for chapped and rough hands caused due to sanitizers with new and improved formula. Worth a try!

Price: INR 349

Floral scented hand cream that leaves hands with long lasting fresh moisture, petal softness as well as a healthy glow. Also helps in keeping skin hydrated and smooth all day long with its healthy extracts.

Price: INR 395

The fresh extracts of this hand cream help in nourishing dehydrated skin. There are three more ranges of this hand cream that claims to have good results.

Price: INR 300

Super nourishing product that helps in building blocks for radiant and softer skin. Creates a glove like structure as a protective barrier to repair cracks and soften texture of your skin.

Price: INR 295

The product glides easily onto your skin to help in improving the appearance of rough and peeling texture of your skin. It is exceptionally soft.

Price: INR 1295

The delicately scented with rose fragrance helps in nourishing your skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. The product has gotten a good response from its consumers.

Price: INR 345


These were some of the our faves from the umpteen variety of hand creams available in the market. All of these products have gotten good ratings from their consumers too and are worth a try.

You have to sanitise to keep yourselves away from the virus, but also use hand creams and lotions to help your skin stay away from unnecessary dryness.

Stay Safe...Stay Healthy!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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