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Sanitising Makeup Products

Makeup Made Safe!

Now is the time to clean up your dressing table, clean up make-up and Sanitize them properly , that's the only important thing that you can do during your time in quarantine. The situation of Covid19 pandemic points to one thing: viruses and bacteria remain on surfaces for a long period and it is essential to clean, disinfect and clear your make-up products daily. Even after the pandemic ends, you need to sanitize your make-up products on a daily basis in order to keep your skin safe and prevent the growth of bacteria in your makeup products.


Here are some of the tips you can use to sanitize your beloved make-up products!

1) To clean products such as Kohl, Mascara

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For products like kohl, mascara, eye liners, etc you can simply sharpen the upper part of the pencils and they sanitize the rest of the pencil with sanitizing wipes. When it comes to Mascara and Eye liners, you can pour a little amount of sanitizer on a tissue paper and rub your mascara brush and eye liner brush onto it gently. Sanitize the rest of the body using wipes.

2) Sanitizing lipsticks

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When you're sanitizing your lipstick, we recommend you to spray the exposed part of lipstick with isopropyl alcohol. And then wipe out the other part of the body. Let it dry for sometime and wait at least 15 minutes before applying the lipstick.

3) Sanitizing make-up brushes

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Brushes come in contact with bacterias more than any other make-up product or tool. You need to wash and sanitize your make-up products at-least once in a week or after every use whichever is mire frequent. You can use a safe baby shampoo or a facial cleanser to disinfect the natural bristles. All you have to do is to pour a bit of liquid in a small cup, dip the make-up brushes and swirl it gently. After you're done, wipe out the excess liquid with a clean and dry cloth. For daily use, do not forget to spray a little amount of disinfectant before using and wipe it using a clean cloth.

4) Liquid or Cream products

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The most important thing to remember is that NEVER, dip your fingers into these products. It doesn't matter how clean your fingers are, dipping your fingers into creams and liquids products causes germs to spread more and more and create a mess. Try removing the upper part of the layer of cream. Spray a sanitised applicator on your product to prevent causing these germs and dirt to spread on your skin.

5) Sanitizing beauty blenders

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You can use a microwave safe bowl that can perfectly fit your sponges. Wet the sponges using clean water and let it soak it completely. Put the sponges into the bowl and keep it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Do not keep it for a longer period, it might damage your beauty blenders or sponges. Take the bowl out and wash out the sponges with cold water and let them dry completely.


With the current environment of covid-19 sanitisation has as it is become an imperative part of our lives. And as a makeup artist this automatically spills over into our professional space. We are used to sanitising and maintaining hygienic conditions for all our clients but now is the time to be even more particular.

Sanitise, mask up & stay safe!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. To prevent allergies or breakouts we always recommend doing a patch test on a small area of skin once the sanitised products are ready to use. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your beauty queries, reach out to us on email.

  • Disclaimer: The images in the article are sourced. We do not take credit for the images. Incase the images belong to you or your brand pls let us know. We would be happy to credit (if not done already) and tag you!

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