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Skincare for Holi

A Lil TLC For Your Skin

We all know with the fun and laughter of Holi celebrations, come skin and hair issues that leads to various types of damage. That’s where we swoop in here to help you out with all your beauty woes.

Even if you are planning to use only organic colors to play Holi with, my friend we will need to take some precautions. Organic colours can sometimes save your skin from much harm but it won't protect you from harmful rays of the sun and getting sunburnt along with layered colours on the skin.

Well well well! We know you’d be concerned about your skincare now.


Here are some of the tips to follow before playing holi to get that perfect skin after the festivities are over.

1) Apply A Good Moisturiser

Apply a lotion or a moisturising cream that best suits your skin. Moisturisers can act as shields that protect you from harmful colours sticking to your skin. If you are planning to play less holi this year, you still need to apply moisturiser before heading out. Try not avoiding this tip. It is the most easy-to-follow and least time consuming.

2) Use cotton clothing

You may not believe this but wearing materials like synthetic or polyester can lead to various rashes and other allergic reactions when they come in contact with Holi colours. Try wearing comfortable cotton clothes and save your skin from getting dry rashes and other allergic reactions.

3) Apply sunscreen

When you're playing holi and it is sunny outside it acts as a perfect mix that could lead to damaging your skin and have long term repercussions. Apply sunscreen all over your body much before you start the festive fun. Much prior application gives the sunscreen time to be absorbed into your skin creating a secure protective layer. Try carrying a sunscreen with you so that you can apply in the middle of celebration too.

4) Stay Hydrated

In the middle of celebrations, fun and joy, don't forget to stay hydrated. Keep drinking water, juice and glucose, anything that keeps you hydrated and protects your skin from getting damaged. The dehydrated skin can lead to a reaction and get sunburnt very easily with other allergic reactions also.

5) Petroleum Jelly

Try to cover your ear, lips, and eyes that are most exposed to the colours. It is very hard to take off colors from these parts. Try applying petroleum jelly on ears, lips, and eyes to to keep them safe from getting affected by Holi colours too.


These were a few of our PKMH recommended pre-Holi tips. Enjoy your Holi, but do not forget about skincare in the mix. A little TLC will take you a long way.



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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a specific hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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