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PKMH Nail Trends

As we move into the summer months, our manicures, like our clothing, are in need of a refresh. Winter manicures were all about melancholy blues, forest greens, and minimal festive orange, but Spring 2022 manicures are going to be the much-needed pick-me-up. We've already seen eye-catching bright colors and delightfully quirky patterns. Not to mention nail gems and 3D textures, which began appearing in our feeds during the winter but are expected to skyrocket for the rest of the year.

While many spring nail trends come and go (think powdered pastels), nail art is definitely having a moment right now, and the trends are only getting more creative. With the popularity of Euphoria manicures, we saw a surge in interest in nail art, proving that nails can be just as inspired as the cosmetics look from the first season. With this in mind, expect bolder and more over-the-top manicures this spring—in the best possible manner.


Don't worry guys you do not have to scour the internet, looking for these nail designs as we have compiled all the latest nail trends that'll be huge this season.

Here we go:

1. 3D Manicure

Call it the Euphoria effect, but not only are nail jewels and pearls everywhere, but 3D nail art, from bubble nails to pierced nails, is having a significant moment.

2. Mirror Nails

Metallic nails have recently become popular, with celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian endorsing them. Spring manicures, on the other hand, are ready to boost the ante. At the junction of mirror nails and 3D nails, silver chrome manicures create an almost mirror-like effect, and disco ball nails are also popular. Let us accept everything that is reflecting.

3. Micro French Tip

Our favourite classic, the French manicure, has gotten a makeover this season. We're seeing shorter nails with colourful micro french tips for a more modern style, which are only visible up close.

4. Electric Blues

It's all about the attention-getting nails this season, and an unexpected brilliant blue will do the trick. While robin's egg blue is always a good choice for spring, electrifying colours are gaining traction and are quickly becoming our new favourite.

5. 'Clean Girl' Nails

While long, opulent nails will undoubtedly continue to dominate our Instagram feeds this spring, the "clean girl" beauty trend is also fueling a boom in shorter, "no makeup" manicures. Try our skin-tone-matching neutrals, as well as rosier pink or peachy colours with a glossy texture.

6. Impressionist Nails

Consider your manicurist to be a Picasso, and your nails to be his or her canvas. Brush strokes and abstract patterns are the focus of Spring 2022 nail art, which is more about decoration than manicure.

7. Bimbo Pink

If you haven't heard, the bimbo is back, with over 1.2 billion views on TikTok alone for the hashtag bimbo. This has spilled over into manicure trends, with unabashedly girlie neon and vivid pinks sweeping the season.

8. Puffy Pearls

Despite the fact that the Met Gala was last year, we're still thinking about Euphoria nail artist Natalie Minerva's pearl manicure. Using pearls instead of rhinestones to enhance your mani adds a distinct twist.

9. Nail Piercings

This pierced nail art is slightly impractical, but highly cool, for folks who use their hands for work. It's what's known as "hardcore nail accessorising."

10. Floral Print Nails

Flower nail patterns on turquoise nail polish are possibly the only thing more springy than turquoise nail polish. Like the ones displayed here, the manicures at Markarian included gentle florals and jeweled touches.


Nail styles are really subjective. Some people like them bold, some people like to experiment whereas some people like to keep it sweet and simple. Therefore we have given you some great trends which you can follow based on your taste and liking. Here’s to ringing in the spring with the best in nails.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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