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Stunning Hairstyles for Work

Sleek, Stylish & Chic!

Everyday when we get ready for a long day at work, the most difficult task is to set our hairstyle and look presentable and smart. But do we get that perfect go-to hairstyle? In some cases, Yes.

Well, there are chances you get tired and end up making a ponytail and leave for office or get on a zoom meeting. The right hairstyle can do volumes for ones look and the vibe they exude.


If you like to go the extra mile, following are some of the fave PKMH hairstyle ideas you can take inspiration from, for your work hours.

1) Sleek Back

This very easy hairstyle can be your everyday office look. All you have to do is, comb your hair neatly, straighten it if needed, add a lil setting gel (not too much as we do not want to go OTT with the wet look) and pull the hair back keeping it loose. This sleek look is going to be your favorite.

2) Low Bun

Low buns can never go out of fashion. Pull your hair back with your natural parting, pulling it down to form a low bun. Perfect to create a simple and elegant look.

3) Sleek Back Low Pony

Create your professional look with a low ponytail. The idea is to keep all the flyaway hair in tact and maintaining the much needed well-kept work look in mind.

4) Braided Top Knot

This can be a very cute yet professional hairstyle for your WFH zoom calls as well as for office looks too.

5) Half Bun - Half Loose

The very trendy hairstyle that can make you look smart is this one. All you have to do is collect the section of hair from the front, form a bun and keep the rest of the hair open. So cute!

6) Low Braid

This very easy peasy lemon squeezy hairstyle can create a very nice look if you are having a bad hair day. Form a low braid and you are ready to rock the office meetings.

7) Middle Parting Pony

Add a touch of smartness with a simple pony. Create a middle parting and tie your hair at the back in a loose pony. To add some volume to your pony you can even backcomb it till the band and smoother the hair covering it. Voila you’re ready to conquer the corporate world.

8) High Bun

The most easy and smart progressional look you can ever create is a high bun. Pull your hair at the back, leave a few hairs on the forehead and create a tight top bun. Try not to opt for a messy bun during office hours because it gives more like a casual look whereas, the slicked tight bun can give a professional look.

9) Loose Waves

This easy going hairstyle can be a good option when you are running out of time. All you have to do is, take a straightner, fold your hair tightly and run straightener upon it, now loose up your hair. Voila! The cute and smart waves in no time. Note: Keep flyaways in tact with some heat serum prior to using the hair straightener.

10) Fishtail Braid

You can go for a fishtail braid hairstyle matching it with a formal outfit. The fishtail braid is still in the trend and always creates a good impression.


These were some of the hairstyles you can opt for, for you daily office looks or zoom calls to look smart as well as chic.

The idea is to keep it sleek & professional!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

Disclaimer: some of the images in the article are sourced. We do not take credit for the images. Incase the images belong to you or your brand pls let us know. We would be happy to credit and tag you.

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