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Hairstyles Done Right

It's a common truth: women with smooth straight hair inevitably search for curly styles and women with waves look to make their hair straight.

Making the most of your natural hair texture is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

If you were blessed with extremely curly hair texture, at times when it turns frizzy in some temperatures or doesn't react well to your hair styling strategies it can get a tad frustrating; nevertheless, there are many techniques you can work in to handle your curls' and have better hair days nearly every day.



You're losing out if you aren't using the accessories that arrive with your complete hair dryer set. A hair diffuser can "minimise a bunch of the existing frizz that occurs when your curly hair is normally air dried by displacing the hot air flow of your hair dryer into a bigger space. Plus, it can help even out your curl pattern and increase the volume of strength of your curls, offering your hair extra springiness and bounce.



Assemble your hair and tie it with a band in a ponytail. Split your hair strands into two parts, wrap one side around the center of your ponytail and lock it with a few bobby pins. Wrap the first portion around the other section and lock it with a few bobby pins, and pull the bun softly with your fingertips if needed to offer it a total, rounded shape.



When shaping your bun, leave a tiny part of hair out. When your original style is ready, braid the segment and tie it across your low buns center, sealing it for a stylish final look with a attached bobby pin.



Build a deep side section in the wet wavy side hair and then braid towards the opposite temple alongside the hairline. Place the braid underneath the remaining hair with bobby pins while you get through your jaw.



Brush your hair with a lightweight beauty liquid or pomade. Then, tug the top part of your hair back into a smooth ponytail using a boar brush and secure it with a hair band. Using your thumbs, rub the back a little for added volume. This is another good choice that helps you to hold your curls outside of your face when wearing them down.



Consider Dutch braids, these French braids or dreadlocks: it's a curly-haired girl's simplest and most flexible defensive look to ask for. It is suggested to use a hair priming gel such as Curl Pre-Style Primer to moisturise in advance, then fully loosen your curls to considerably decrease the amount of friction to be utilized for braiding.


Everyone likes natural curly hair that is bouncy; however those who possess it live with a battle under the flawless locks. We understand there are several days when you wouldn't want your stubborn curly hair to remain in line. This is why, by introducing these hairdos, we seek to make your life simpler.


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