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Summer Skin Care For Men

Daily Routine 101

Skin care is therapeutic. It’s the little “me time” every individual needs amidst a hefty day. It’s a way to love your body back. Though makeup can temporarily hide your acne and blemishes, only skincare and clean diet will make it healthier. And it isn’t obvious, skin care is not just for women. Most people still believe that following a skin regime and taking care of your skin is part of women’s to-do list. Well here is how you’re wrong!


Here are 8 easy ways for men to have an effective summer skin care routine too:

1) Daily face wash

Men's skin is rigid and oilier to start with. Hence, cleaning the face with a good quality cleanser or face wash is quite necessary. While most men, skip this and go for a regular bathing soap on their face, they’re unaware that soap is harsh for one’s face and has been made specifically for the body. And cleaning the face will not only clean your pores but will also remove the excess oil, which is quite a necessity in summers. One can always go to cleansers which contain Vitamins A, C and E since they are more absorbent in the skin and will prevent the skin from having ingrown hair.

2) Use toner

Toner gently removes oil and grease from the skin, and helps to unclog the pores, and crucially, encourages the pores to close up as it dries. Not only it provides hydration to your skin but also enhances and makes your skin healthy.

3) Exfoliate often

Be it a man or a woman, getting rid of dead skin cells is very important during the summers. One can go for any good exfoliating scrub twice in a week, which in turn will help in nourishing the skin cells.

4) Moisturise Daily

Always use a lightweight moisturiser with SPF-30 during summers to prevent the skin from getting excessively oily. Not only does it give a healthy hydrate skin but it also prevents any fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the face.

5) Sunscreen before heading out

This goes without saying, an essential to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. A good sunscreen with SPF-50 will work well if applied every 2 hours since it wears itself off due to sweat or any physical activity. And don’t forget your ears, legs, and hands. They need some

tlc too!

6) Stay hydrated

While we’re focusing on skin care, let’s not forget the real deal. Applying only products will not help in long run if you’re body is not getting enough water that it requires to sustain in this dreadful summer. Drink enough water to eliminate the toxins from your body and to get glowing healthy skin this summer.

7) Eat Healthy

While it sounds a bit boring, a healthy diet plays an important role in levelling up your skin care game. Include tomatoes, avocados , berries, apricots and almonds in your diet that would act as anti ageing remedies. Moreover they act as anti oxidants which help you in having wrinkle free, healthy skin. Needless to say, avoid oily and deep fried food and include more pulses, chicken and yogurt for glowing, blemish free skin.


Since men have larger pores on their skin, it makes them relatively more prone to acne and skin breakouts than women. Moreover adding to this humid temperature, when one spends more time in the sun, it can become quite problematic and have long term effects on the skin. So take care of your skin without getting into plethora of products and intricate steps. And a point to note, just reading this article won’t help, get up and start your skin care regime already.

Happy Skin Care Guys!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature and might not be suitable to everyone. Incase you have a specific skin, hair or a beauty query, reach out to us on email.

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