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The Fix!


As a group of peer-proclaimed beauty lovers, we are actively searching for new ways to upgrade our beauty awareness and explore new patterns in beauty and skincare. After much experimentation, we can confidently claim that we've acquired a few golden tricks that make up our go-to beauty tips.If you're excited to figure out what they are, read on.


Always layer your skincare products from thinnest to thickest texture

If you feel for your skin as though it were a soft sponge, you want it to pick up all the good things that you add to your face and body. Thus the, accurate layering is critical. Initially use the lighter, water-based ingredients in your skin regimen, and end with the strongest creams or oils. Oils help tighten any previously added products. So if you begin with oil and then apply a lighter serum of hyaluronic acid on top, this will help your skin see the fantastic benefits of HA.


Never give sunscreeN A


Though this is undoubtedly one suggestion you've received a million times before, it will forever hold true. Wear sunscreen every day, regardless of the temperature, even if you're indoors or outdoors. In addition to shielding the skin from the sun's toxic UVA and UVB rays, it's actually the best anti-aging weapon you'll ever have. A wide-spectrum sunscreen defends the skin from lines, pigmentation, black spots and skin cancer. Choose a sunscreen which has a non-comedogenic formula to stop skin breakouts.


Always carry a lip balm

Lip balm is perhaps the most flexible substance ever made, and having one with you at all occasions is essential. This little superhero does so much more than just shield your lips from chapped skin. Ranging from hydrating your mail cuticles, soothing frizzy hair to illuminating your skin. When added to your cheeks as a highlighter, a tinted lip balm can be used to add a subtle splash of colour to your skin while giving it that much needed noisy boost.


Drink the right kind of liquid

Picking our tough-to-wake-up without a mug of good morning coffee is very enticing. Does it actually help the skin in some way? The option of the right drink can potentially turn out to be a key differentiator for your skin as per dermatologists. To freshen, rejuvenate, and hydrate your face, drink over half a litre of water each morning.



Don’t we all want to just hop into our bed at the end of a great, tiring day simply by cleaning our face with a face wash? Somehow that’s the ideal path to a poor skin regime. Prior to the time you go to sleep, it is essential to thoroughly wipe down and extract every last piece of makeup from your skin because neglecting to do so will obstruct your pores and eventually lead to bad zits and wrinkles, this can be followed up with a cleansing face wash, toner & a dab of night cream or serum to keep the skin supple through the night.


Makeup Fix spray will change your makeup game

By now, we are confident that the primer will have become an integral part of your routine to prepare your skin for long-lasting usage of makeup. But if you need to add one more item in your makeup routine then it is a makeup fix spray. Only a couple presses of the fix spray will hold all your makeup in place & freshen your face.



Choose one of the topcoats built for gel-based outcomes without UV light, even though you're using normal nail polish. It gives a strong, translucent lacquered coating to your daily paint, and your manicure will last exactly as long if you renew it every day.


power of a dry shampoo

A quick spray of dry shampoo will work well to let you spread out your last hair washing. The dry shampoo does its magic while retaining the essential sebum(oil) balance , provides a bit of thickness to thin hair, and a quick dry brushing also removes the unwanted powdered look that is the telltale sign of a dry shampoo. 


These generic tips have existed for a long time & have proved their validity while totally changing the way we look after our skin & beauty regime.

DO NOTE that the tips mentioned in the article are generic beauty regimes & not specific to a skin type. Incase you have specific queries reach out to us on our email.

As it’s said we aren’t all cut from the same fabric!


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