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The Perfect Eyebrow

PKMH Recommends

The trend of shaping eyebrows can never end. With each passing year, we get new eyebrow looks and shape names to enhance our overall facial look and why not. Every beauty era demands it’s own eyebrow style and new brow defining products to go with it.


Here are some of the products that will let you enhance the shape of your eyebrows in a sassiest way, all you require is a little bit of practice and you're good to go!

This very amazing eyebrow shaper comes with two pencils with different textures. It gives you well defined eyebrows and is waterproof. The product has got a good response from their users. Most of them have rated this product with 5 stars and find this eyebrow pencil very effective. Price: ₹305

If you have some extra grown hair under your eyebrow tips, you can plug out those extra hair using tweezers in order to get a thick eyebrow texture. Most of its users have rated this tweezer with 4 stars and found this product very useful for their eyebrow shaping.

Price: ₹225

The product is designed to get effortlessly amazing eyebrow shapes. You can angled liner brush to make your shape look more defined. The product has been rated with 5 stars mostly.

Price: ₹2474

Shaping your eyebrows can become easy at home with these eyebrow razors. You can create a look of your choice with these. With 4 stars ratings, the product is good to go if you want to learn to shape your brows at home using razors.

Price: ₹389

Brown eyebrows are real love! Get the amazing eyebrow looks with this enhancer and highlight your eyebrows with beautiful and trendy shapes. The product has got good feedback from its users due to its smudge-proof texture and aesthetic brown look.

Price: ₹276

Get eyeliner along with this glamorous eyebrow shaper. It gives you a matte, smooth and defined eyebrow shape with a perfect winged eyeliner look. With 4.2 stars ratings online, the product is a 'must-have'.

Price: ₹898

Get luxurious shaped brows with sleek looks with this brow shaper. It gives natural touch up to your brows without making it look extra. The product is being mostly used by professionals because of the incredible looks.

Price: ₹2500

Get 4 different shades of eyebrow with enhanced shapes. The kit has got a nice response from its users due to its good quality and easy styling.

Price: ₹998

Get desirable shapes of brows with brown color with this product. The color is 'brunette' and looks amazing on any eyebrow shape. Due to its easy and smooth applicator, the product has got 4 star ratings from its users.

Price: ₹805

This eyebrow gel is a perfect match to any eyebrow shape. It can give a voluminous look naturally. The shades are in warm black-brown with good quality. The item has got 4.8 stars ratings online due to its volumizing texture. Price: ₹1340


From getting foxy eyebrows, to pointy ones or to being absolutely obsessed with thick eyebrows. Get all of these looks with the products recommended. Shape them, fill them and keep your brow game high!


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NOTE: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only and might not suit all skin types & conditions. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, reach out to us on email.

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