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TikTok Makeup 2022

PKMH Makeup Trends

TikTok has persuaded even the most adamant of us to purchase a host of new beauty products and try new beauty trends. Whatever side of TikTok you're on, there's certain to be a few things that show up on your FYP with excellent reviews from other users. What's the best part? Whether it's outstanding dupes or slugging favorites, they're usually highly functional and oftentimes budget-friendly. Even the beauty trends have some amazing results without too much hassle.


On that note let’s get to the #TIKTOKMAKEUPTRENDS

1. The Clean Makeup Look

The idea behind this trend is to use simple, "barely-there" products that make it appear as if you aren't wearing any makeup at all. It's all about embracing your skin tone and using light, skin-toned tones to bring out your natural beauty — we love it! As if this trend couldn't get any better, it's also extremely simple to implement.

2. Bold Blush Look

Anyone up for a return to the 1980s? In 2022, expect to see a lot of strong blush looks, including blush in a variety of colors! There are plenty of video instructions on TikTok for ombre' blush or even purple blush - it may not be an everyday look for you, but it would be fun to try on a weekend! We're seeing a blend of orange + pink and purple + pink for two completely different styles with the ombre' trend.

3. 60s Mod Makeup

People, the 1960s are making a comeback, especially in terms of beauty trends! We can thank Ariana Grande for reviving the trend with her look in the "Positions" music video, but TikTok is currently exploding with '60s makeup video instructions in 2022. Consider Twiggy, Cher, and Audrey Hepburn-inspired looks with pastel colors, dark wrinkles, and large, bold lashes for '60s makeup inspiration. Try a graphic eyeliner or an extremely bright hue for your makeup to get your feet wet with this trend. Don't forget to add dramatic lashes towards the end!

4. Unexpected Pops of Eye Color

This trend is all about using hues that would have been deemed "out there" in the past — we're talking about eyeliners and shadows in orange, pink, blue, purple, and green. We recommend using only a smidgeon of the bright color on the inner eyes or outer eyelids if you want to opt for a more subtle effect. We're particularly fond of Dua Lipa's and H.E.R.'s latest purple eyeshadow looks.

5. Fluffy Brows Trend

The fluffy brow trend that we've seen over the last few years isn't going anywhere. Lamination, or perming your brows to give them a fluffy appearance, will continue to be trendy. Laminating is fantastic since it gives your documents a structured appearance with little (if any) effort on your part once you've finished them.

6. Foundation Application with Quartz or Jade Rollers

You'd be wrong if you didn't think the internet could come up with yet another way to apply foundation. To attain a near-flawless finish, people are now using quartz and jade beauty rollers. At first glance, it appears suspicious, but the proof is in the TikTok videos. The approach, according to users, evenly distributes their foundation, uses less product, and provides better coverage. The coolness of the stone also calms, reduces puffiness, and can even reduce the appearance of pores.

7. Purple Blush

The blush color range, which commonly runs from pale pink to rosy red, can be suffocating at times. It's up to the TikTok beauty beauties to make a statement using purple blush. Purple, despite its clownish appearance, is a surprisingly appealing color on a wide range of complexion tones, adding instant warmth and dimension. But, as the many cosmetic professionals on the app will tell you, blending is crucial.

8. Using Crumpled Tissue Paper to Apply Artistic Eyeshadow

Prepare to do a Bob Ross with your eyelashes. This TikTok beauty hack went viral because it's really stunning and easy to do. For a cool look, crumple some tissue paper, dip it in your shadow, and apply it onto your lid. You can utilize a broad spectrum of colors, as shown in the video above, or stick to your favorite neutral palette. Indeed, happy little eyelids.

9. Faux Freckles That Look Exactly Like the Real Thing

Believe it or not, there was a period when everyone sought to cover their freckles. It's now a natural beauty beacon! TikTok discovered how to imitate the effect without seeming like you drew a bunch of dots on your face. The key is to properly place brow tattoo dots and then softly blend them away.

10. Using ice on the face

Ice may be used to relieve puffiness and swelling, but TikTok users are giving the age-old beauty trick a fresh spin. A number of blogs and videos show people promoting the extra benefits of "skin icing," sometimes known as ice facials, such as oil control, acne reduction, wrinkle reduction, and shine enhancement. While the effects are very temporary, it's worth a try.


As makeup trends go some are not just quirky but are really effective if you are someone who likes to try new beauty trends and enjoy different application methods of your makeup. You’ve got to try these trends.

Time to get that game face on!

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