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Tricolour Eyes & Nails

With Love For Mother India!

Independence Day is finally approaching and we are here to give you so many reasons to celebrate. This Independence Day, do something different with your look and amaze everyone on various Social Media Platforms. You can make videos and showcase your tricolor looks using short videos & #reels.


Over the years we’ve seen trends of minimal to OTT incorporation of our beloved and respected Tri Colour Indian Flag in makeup and nail art.

Here are a few that caught our eye!

1. Tricolor sketchy nails

Experimenting with new hacks and looks on our nails is so therapeutic and satisfying. How about adding a sweet twist of tricolor this Independence day? You require three nail paints of different colors for this look and that is saffron or orange, white and green. Take an orange nail paint and start by coloring from the inner section of your nails. Try giving it a sketchy look like we used to do on our color books. Now, repeat the same step using white and green colors to complete the tricolor look.

2. Tricolor Eyeshadow look

Have you ever imagined a fancy fish-like make-up on your eyes using the tricolor theme? Well, this is how it looks. Give the upper section of your eyes an orange look and the inner section a green look. Do not forget to give fish-like wings in the end. Highlight the wing using white kajal or eyeliner. Use a blue contact lens to give a finished look but it's completely optional.

3. Tricolor stripes

Stripes never go out of fashion. This time we feel so happy to suggest a striped look on your nails using Indian tricolor. Give a base with white color and start making lines using green and orange color to give a classy tricolor look to your nails.

4. Full face make-up

It feels so great when we get a little more creative with our make-up looks. Show your creativity skills using full-face make-up with a tricolor theme. Give an orange base to your eyes, cut the crease using white color and finally fill your eyelids with green color and you're done. Use orange, white and green colors on your lips as well to give a complete tricolor make-up look. Looks so beautiful & unique.

5. Indian flag nail art

How can we miss our nails to showcase our creativity? Get your nail polish game on point by giving a white base to your nails. Draw a line from the left side of your nails and a green line to the right. Now, comes the most beautiful part. Draw and Ashoka Chakra using blue nail paint in the middle. This looks so cute and elegant.

6. Fancy tricolor eye look

This is for all the professionals. Give a nice base to your eyes using an orange shade from one side and a green shade from the other. Blend both of these shades in such a way that they look mixed really well. Now cut the crease from the middle using the white color and give a shaded white color look in the middle lid. Complete the look by applying orange and green color shades on your lower lash line as well. Give a touch of elegance using a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes as well.


All these ideas look so breathtaking and attractive. BRB, after trying these tricolor looks out so that we get to practice and nail the looks on Independence Day. Now that you have decided to try these tricolor-themed looks now, do not forget to share pictures on your social media to inspire others as well …tag us if you like too.

Happy Independence Day!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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