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What are Volcanic Rollers?

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Volcanic rollers are a type of tool that is used to help with your skin care regimen. They are a skin care product that makes the skin feel soft, smooth and clear. They gently remove dry flakes from the surface of your face by rolling smoothly over it.

The Volcanic Roller is specifically created for people with sensitive or reactive skin to prevent redness, irritation and breakouts caused by harsh exfoliating methods like scrubs or loofahs!

The volcanic roller does not agitate your scalp either so no hair pulling during use - just gentle yet effective rolling action to leave you feeling fresh faced before bedtime!


Volcanic Rollers is a revolutionary new device that helps to stimulate growth of healthy skin cells and has been clinically proven as effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and discolorations. It is especially useful in improving aging or prematurely aged skin such as acne scarring, stretch marks or even sun damage from too much time spent out in the sun.

The innovative device was created by a dermatologist in the US to aid with skin rejuvenation, fighting aging and promoting healthy new tissue growth.

Volcanic Rollers are often used as part of an anti-aging skincare routine and have been found particularly effective for people struggling with wrinkles or uneven tone on their face. The roller creates micro stress waves that trigger collagen production protein inside the body which then helps keep your facial muscles tighter so unwanted lines can be avoided.

Some people also use them at night before bed to promote better sleep patterns because they massage deeply into those problem spots in order to relax muscles and remove any excess fat from beneath your epidermis layer so you can get a more restful slumber.


The benefits of volcanic rollers are endless!

What are their benefits?

  • The main benefit is their versatility; these devices have multiple uses depending on how you want them applied and what kind of benefits you would like (or need) out of it.

  • They provide powerful exfoliation - an important step in achieving smooth and healthy looking skin. Secondly, they emit healing thermal radiation that can help to speed up recovery time after injuries or surgery as well as reduce swelling during such procedures. And finally lava rocks have been found to be highly beneficial when it comes to fighting against wrinkles caused by aging!

  • They have been used as effective tools in wound healing, cellulite reduction, and more. One use that is most commonly discussed is their ability to speed up the process of skin regeneration. This occurs because by rolling your pores open and giving them a break from the constant sebum secretion they receive while you sleep there will be less blockages which can lead to smoother-looking skin with fewer imperfections like blemishes or blackheads.

  • It also helps with acne treatments as well as infections due to broken capillaries on the face or other areas where breakouts can occur. If you're someone who likes to use a facial mask but doesn't like how they often leave an unpleasant smell after being removed, then using this product is perfect for you!

  • It also assists in shrinking down your pores and removing dead cells from the skin surface. This device does all these by bringing about an exfoliation process which removes excess oils on the face while extracting toxins from deep within as well.

  • It can increase blood circulation, improve and revitalize your complexion, and help treat various conditions such as acne or cellulite. Furthermore, volcanic rollers are also effective in reducing inflammation from any injuries you may have sustained that cause pain to linger with prolonged use of roller massages.


Why are they good for Indian summers?

Volcanic Rollers are the perfect addition to your summer routine. They're a must-have for all skin types, especially those with oily or acne prone skin since they can be used as an exfoliating scrub that also helps remove dead cells and dirt from pores.

These rollers will also help prevent new breakouts by unclogging pores of any debris before it even has a chance to form which is important during hot weather when pore blockages can occur due to sweat build up but washing daily won't always do the trick!

The volcanic roller is a perfect tool to exfoliate the skin while providing moisturization with its cool glow. It also helps reduce irritations, redness and swelling from dryness or eczema.

Additionally if you are unable to attend your tanning appointment due to work or other commitments, this product will provide an alternative for a quick fade-free day without damaging your valuable tans!


Some of the Volcanic Rollers available in India include:

Remove excess oil from your face and restore a clear, matte complexion in an instant. It absorbs oil and debris without dissipating its reflecting properties. When it comes to blotting oily skin, this is highly effective. Unlike blotting paper, which is only good for one use, this one is reusable and easy to clean.

This face roller is composed of genuine volcanic stone, which quickly absorbs excess oil. It's our secret to always having fresh, shine-free skin. It won't mess up your makeup if you use it on a clean or finished face.

360-degree rolling massage to improve blood circulation in the face. Reusable and simple to clean. It's small and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

This innovative Oil Absorbing Face Roller is constructed of actual volcanic stone with unique oil-absorbing characteristics, giving you immediate, shine-free skin. It absorbs and removes all excess sebum without affecting your makeup, leaving you with a clean, smooth, and matte complexion! It's the ideal way to maintain fresh, shine-free skin at any time.


Volcanic rollers are a great way to maintain your summer glow without going too far. There's nothing like enjoying the Indian Summer with their soothing and deep penetrating effect in such hot weather. They're completely natural, so there is no risk of your skin reacting badly to them!


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