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PKMH Bridal Tips

It’s wedding season. Yay! And we are back some beauty suggestions to undoubtedly aid in the transformation of your entire bridal look!

If you're a nervous bride-to-be, you're going to be the centre of attention; and in one of the rare situations in life when you're going to be really pleased and extremely stressed at the same time. But keep in mind that stress is terrible for your skin.

So lets take care of that panic attack before it strikes!


Here are a few easy ways to get that beautiful bridal glow without putting in any extra effort. These dos and don't will totally help you lose all the wedding paranoia and help you focus and enjoy your big day to the fullest.

Here we go:


1. Au Natural

It doesn't matter what kind of make-up you apply; just make sure it's natural because you'll already be dressed in bridal robes.

Nothing is more attractive than a completely natural bride, so the bridal dress stands out. You want to balance out the make-up in any way possible because your dress will be dazzling and adorned with shine.

2. Start A Skincare & Haircare Routine

This should be completed around a month before the wedding.

All of the stress and make-up will be less damaging to your skin this way. Furthermore, all of the heating tools you'll be using on your hair will be ineffective. Before you expose your hair to obligatory agony on your big day, make sure you have healthy skin and conditioned hair.

3. Waterproof Products

This is especially true when it comes to eye makeup.

In India, the wedding season isn't always in the best of times, and you don't want to risk your cosmetics being affected by the weather. Furthermore, if you're going to drop a tear or two, it's ideal if these don't impair your appearance.

4. Backup Ready

Carry pressed powder, lipstick, and oil-blotting paper with you, or have someone nearby who can provide these items. Touch-ups will be quicker and easier this way, and they won't seem excessive or unattractive.

5. Select A Suitable Hairstyle

Yes, that chignon bun is stunning on that model, but here's a gentle reality check: you aren't that model.

Try out a few different hairstyles, but choose one that requires the least amount of effort and lasts the longest, as you won't have time to touch up your hair.


1. No Alcohol Consumption

This isn't nearly as frequently quoted as it should be! When you're stressed, alcohol sounds like the best idea in the world, but this is the most critical don't on this list. You just do not want to be anything less than a hundred per cent sober on your wedding day. Yes, despite how enticing that drink of champagne may appear! This helps not only your demeanour but your appearance as well. Alcohol consumption before the big day can lead to skin dehydration and puffiness. So pop that bubbly open post the ceremonies.

2. Experiment On Your Big Day

Yes, it may appear that the new foundation you saw will brighten your complexion, or that those new falsies will make your eyes appear larger, but this isn't a smart idea. There will be plenty of opportunities to try that new shampoo you've been dying to try, and your wedding day isn't one of them.

3. Schedule Any Last Minute Appointments

Make sure you don't get any facials, waxing, cutting, or colouring done two or three days before your wedding as a general guideline. You and your skin both need time to adjust to any changes, so don't rush it.

4. Use Too Many Products

The goal is to look attractive but also to stay healthy and avoid causing too much harm. Yes, your health is important, but so are your hair and skin. A couple of hours before the wedding, avoid using too many heating treatments on your hair and too much superfluous product on your face.

5. Don't Panic!

Remember, you only have one day, and you may make it as lovely as you want.

But this isn't the last day of your life; you're embarking on a new adventure. Your wedding makeup and hair may make you feel beautiful, but the marriage that lies ahead is the best source of your radiance!


These are some of the do's and don'ts that you need to follow to prep for your wedding day to make your overall look beautiful. But remember you gorgeous gals this auspicious day is not about the dress you wear or the makeup you wear, it's about ‘you’.

So dazzle away your bridal woes with a happy smile & glowing skin!


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  • Note: The tips mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

  • Disclaimer: some of the images in the article are sourced. We do not take credit for the images. Incase the images belong to you or your brand pls let us know. We would be happy to credit and tag you :)

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