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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Trends 2020-2021

To elevate our mood, we often require a pick-me-up in the way of a slight mascara or a ‘make-me-feel-confident’ lipstick.

Makeup for winter 2020 is mostly about dark nails, vibrant eyeliners, and lots of glow. For Winter 2020, we’ve rounded up a few makeup trends we love.

For those impending Zoom holiday events, browse through to discover the look you’ll own:



Don't be daunted by the tube's colour. Not only are dark berry lips beautiful and glamorous, they're going to attract all the eyes (in a positive way) to your little rectangle on Zoom. This lipstick shade looks so appealing when combined with a crested liner or in fact a smoky eye.



It doesn't take sunny days for you to get that shine. For a generally dewy shimmer, load on some fluid highlighter, and couple it with a moisturising lipgloss. Add a glossy nude eyeshadow and glow your way through the winters with a healthy flush.



Go from matte to nude. Let the winters rub off on your lip colour and be the matte princess from earthy nudes to a bold lip. Keep the finish light weight and velvetty.



Use a glitter liner or a white liner on your lid and stand out with that much needed hint of metallic this winter. For a full makeup look, couple it with luscious lashes and a nude lip.



Winter 2020 calls for the mauves, blues, and pleasant greens in your eye shadow palette. Matte, textured finishes look awesome, generally. This eyeshadow trend vibe is both retro and yet completely unique. The variation of it being dramatised once applied on the lid is a plus.



Use your high coverage foundations with a tinted moisturiser to even out your face makeup in rotation for autumn. For a great fresh appearance that is Zoom Long weekend Party-approved, you must go all out and toss some sparkles all around the cheeks. If applying it on the eye, maintain the sparkles just on your lashes or the interior corner of the eyes to get a more defined look.



Super winged liner eyes are among the best ways to adopt a timeless winter style. The distinction we're finding is that a ton of pinks, red, even blues are being experimented with. This best way to make a strong statement and have all eyes focused on you.


"Winter" is often combined with "holiday" in the fashion industry. Seasonal trend estimates usually feature the-top glow and shimmer, illustrating chunky shading of sparkles and with last-all-night lipsticks. But, what about the occasional Tuesday nights, the drink specials on Friday evenings? I'm glad to report on these winter zoom parties, with skin, lips, and full makeup primed. Are you?


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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