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PKMH Makeup Tips

Each season demands a change in what we wear whether that change is our attire or hairstyle. Make up is no different!

You should consider how to transition your makeup as the seasons change. This is truly a lot of fun. It provides you with a fresh appearance. It allows you to go shopping for new things, which is something that everyone enjoys and moreover make your look season appropriate.


Let's look at some #pkmhrecommended techniques to make your makeup transition from Winter to Spring.

1. Try a peach-toned blush or a rose-toned blush

Nothing beats a lovely pink flush for instantly changing your appearance. After all, a rosy complexion is associated with youth. _ For a beautiful and vibrant face, swirl a fluffy makeup brush through the blush and apply on cheeks.

2. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are your new besties

It's time to decrease the weight on your facial canvas, as we've already discussed. You don't need to load up on those hefty products to seal in moisture now that the weather isn't so dry! Give your skin a break while still maintaining the even complexion you desire for the season in the sun.

3. Replace your cream blushes with powder blushes

It's getting warmer, which means your face is receiving more sun exposure and, as a result, it's getting very hot on your skin's surface! We know cream blushes are pretty and give you a natural flush, but you won't think so when your blush has melted halfway down your cheeks by lunchtime!

It's better to stick to classic powder blush formulas in the summer. On a hot day—especially in a humid climate—powder formulae are less likely to move, but there's only so much you can do!

4. Lip stains

Another product that likes to melt as the temperature rises! In the thick of winter, when everything is chilly and chill, we love lipstick, but when the weather warms up, the dreaded color-bleeding becomes a lot more common.

But what if you can't bear to part with your favourite lipstick shade? Lip stains come into play. These guys have the colour of a lipstick but none of the mess!

5. Necessit-eyes in their purest form

To be honest, the best policy is to avoid using eyeshadow! The oils produced by your eyelids, combined with the sweating that your face will certainly experience throughout the day, can ruin your eyeshadow look. The best bet here is mascara and a bare lid.

If you feel compelled to apply makeup, try swiping a little bronzer in the crease of your eye to add definition. It provides you with the hue you desire.

6. Eye liner

Cat eyes, kitten eyes, and smokey eyes are all options. All of these are must-haves for the colder months (if not all year long). With the arrival of spring on the horizon, we recommend increasing your natural eyeliner comfort zone. Instead of reaching for a natural black eyeliner on autopilot, have you considered utilising a shimmering grey natural eyeliner? The lovely pewter's delicate sheen will give your eyes that fresh-out-of-bed, doe-eyed expression that every spring woodland creature has. A creamy, long-lasting product infused with vitamin E glides over your delicate eyelids to assist you transition into the new season.

7. Mascara

If you ask any woman what her one secret beauty product is, she will almost always say mascara! Choose a lengthening, volumizing mascara with a formula that instantly opens up your eyes and makes you party ready in the spring. This is also the ideal moment to retire your clumpy, odorous mascara in favour of one of the latest formulas meant to lift your lashes to new heights, and these eye makeup suggestions will help you achieve a flawless look.

8. Eyeshadow Palette with neutral shades

Instead of darker, more dramatic palettes, opt for warm berry and nude eyeshadows. A nude eye makeup palette has no limits; smoke, highlight, and diffuse to create infinite, classic, and timeless looks that vary from earth tones to warmer chocolates and lavender accents.

9. Highlighter

Spring is all about bringing more light into your life. You should aim for subtle highlighting for a bright shine that captures the light. To enhance your features and give you that unmatched sun kissed glow, avoid harsh and visible sculpt contouring and choose for the best illuminator and highlighter.

10. Lip balms

And you thought lip balms were just for moisturising dry winter lips? Because your lips lack oil glands, you'll need to use intensely hydrating lip balms all year to keep them plump. This spring, liven things up with a balm that both colours and cares for your pout.


These are the ten pointers we do to make our makeup transition from winter to spring. But we'd like to learn more about you. When spring arrives, how do you change your makeup?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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