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Women’s Day

Empowering Beauty

International Women’s Day a special day we celebrate all women. We at PKMH celebrate their style, passion and hard work. We believe women should love themselves, enjoy their beauty routine and if they do try out new looks - that should be for themselves too. Beauty & self confidence goes hand in hand doesn’t it? No not the typical idea of beauty we’ve been conditioned into believing. We at PKMH promote “Be your own beautiful”!


We discuss here looks which may be challenging but definitely make all

women stand out with their own aesthetic quality with a bold touch if they will.

It’s time to create your own vibe:

Muted Skin

This season is all about enjoying the bare-naked face. We appreciate its frame and structure and keep it basic only with a tinge of foundation. This look gives your face focus, a sight to see and behold. Everyone one can achieve this look with just a few brushes of warm colors, giving an earthy touch on your face. Warm tone colors give you the right natural look. Less makeup will continue to look more these coming years.


Messy Knots

With last years #wfh routine, you might have understood the basic of making a knot. With you being busy and your hair off your face, you should have mastered this partially atleast. Messy knots are never out of style. Without the blow drying and styling, you’re ready in minutes and if you’re heading out to work, well you’re gonna catch that bus in time!


Bright lips

Bright lips always highlight your smile. They are important in that essence. They define your personality and adorn you that bold look that looks flawless if done well. But with masks on how will this look work? No worries we introduce you to the world of lip Stains. They stay on longer than lipstick and look natural as well. If you’d still like to work an empowering pout on point with lip colour. We suggest a transfer proof lipstick.


Eyes that Speak

With your masks on we suggest you let your eyes do the talking. Put on some bold colors, fill in the lid with colours of your choice or accentuate those fiery eyes with some pop liner. It’s not the time for any of woman to hide behind a mask.


Many brands introduce their beauty products specifically to support women’s initiatives and we contributr towards these towards these beauty companies as they help some of us privileged women fund a path towards women empowerment.

Image source: The Independent

Look good, feel good and help balance out gender equality at the same time. Bringing up others while taking cate of yourself makes you a hero, a beautiful and empowering one.


As women we’ve come a long way. With each year we come closer to what we want to become, what we expect to become. Have your favourites and enjoy them. You are precious and so is the voice you are fighting for. Fight for the right and the power. Beauty is a talent in itself, showcase it and get yourself a voice. Women’s day and women’s contributions should be celebrated everyday.


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Note: the recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, pls reach out to us on email.

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