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With the ongoing situation it’s only fair to assume that your friendly beauty salon would be shut for a while. But what does that mean for your grooming requirements? Especially, yes you got it..Your eyebrows!

From getting them shaped every few days, we may even go without getting them trimmed for months. But who doesn’t wanna look presentable for those urgent zoom calls and office hours? Not that women must look presentable all time, but it feels good to have a little self care amidst this global pandemic doesn’t it. It might just work as a ‘perk-me-up’.


So to save you the time we have some amazing eyebrow trimmers to help you keep those bushy eyebrows in check even at home.

This amazing electric trimmer from Veet is curated to remove hair from the sensitive areas on your body and face. It is the perfect option for grooming your undone brows because of its high-precision and cut free blades and flexible eyebrow head. It comes in sleek and compact package making it very handy for quick touch-ups and travelling.

Price: Rs.1399

This sleek trimmer is a quick and easy solution to save yourself from the unwanted hair. It glides smoothly along the beautiful contours of your face for personalised and smooth trimming experience. It’s quite handy and is super portable while you’re on the move.

Price: Rs.2799

This is subtly angled trimmer works perfectly in removing hair efficiently from tough, hard-to-reach areas. If you slightly worried about cuts or injuries, just stop right there because this device is cut free and gives you the gentlest trim.

This trimmer can be a bit expensive but it’s totally worth the investment.

Price: Rs.5828

Want to get that pain-lessand precise trim? If so, this electric trimmer is a steal deal for you. It is just perfect for the sensitive areas of your face and body. It consists of four heads: a bikini head, a beauty cap, two combs along with a cleaning brush.

Price. Rs.399

Braun Silk-épil is a cut free trimmer that is ideal for styling your eyebrows and trimming the sensitive hair on your bikini line. It consists of a high-precision head, a slim head for eyebrow shaping, and two trimming combs.

Price: Rs. 1999

This eyebrow trimmer is a perfect and convenient to be used on the top, bottom, and between your eyebrows. The 18K gold-plated head is smooth and gentle on all skin types. This waterproof device is ideal for bathroom use and is washable. Price: Rs.2375

If you are a beginner, these razors set from are your ideal pick. The pack consists of threerazors and are very budget-friendly. Their long plastic handles give you a better grip and their steel blades gently removes the hair.

Price: Rs.109

This product gently gets you rid of unwanted hair from your face, neck, and other sensitive areas. Its handy and compact design makes it easy to use and carry for travel purpose as well. Also, it comes with an eyebrow shaver, a comb, and a brush.

Price: Rs.399

This amazing trimmer is designed exclusively for clean eyebrow and facial hair removal. It consists of a bikini trimmer, a comb, and a washable head fits perfectly in your hand just like an electric toothbrush.

Price: Rs.1260

This beautiful trimmer is best for regular use. It comes with a cut-free blade and dedicated accessories toprovide you with an ease in achieving precise styling and shaping.

Price: Rs.1095


That was our round-up of the 10 best eyebrow trimmers that you can get your hands on. Now give up on worrying about the impromptu runs to the salon every time you have to glam it up. Besides, those furry lil extra hairs that grow around your brows can easily be trimmed with love. So which one of these beauties are you going to pick this summer?


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NOTE: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only and might not suit all skin types & conditions. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, reach out to us on email.

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