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We think of a makeup artist's head as a kaleidoscope of sparkling hues, with brilliantly coloured lipsticks and creamy (but never cakey) foundations, lustrous glosses, and powdered shadows crisscrossing and interconnecting. We think it's like that since we've seen this vision come to life in the form of a plethora of jaw-dropping cosmetic masterpieces in person, hence the "artist" name.

But, fortunately makeup artists are usually helpful and willing to share their secrets with people who aren't as skilled with a brush (e.g. never-satisfied makeup noobs like us). And, like eager students, we soak up the knowledge, taking careful notes and even attempting to put their lessons into practice on our own—thankfully in the privacy of our own bathrooms rather than on an A-list celebrity.

Are you looking for some of the greatest makeup artist advice? We've got ten wonderful #pkmhrecommends makeupartist hacks for you ahead—things cosmetic artists have disclosed to us that we had never considered in our blithe naiveté.

To say the least, since learning them, our lives have changed for the better. Is this life change something you're ready for? If that's the case, keep scrolling to know from the experts.


1. Dilute with moisturiser

Use every makeup artist's favorite method to give any product additional radiance: just apply moisturizer. Choose a light, blendable foundation that works well with foundation, concealer, and even eye shadow or blush. Consider your cosmetic products to be the water in your watercolor paints—the more you apply, the lighter and softer the result becomes.

2. Beauty blender and foundation are besties

A beauty blender is a tool that may be found in the cosmetic bag of just about any makeup professional. This multi-tasking sponge in the shape of a teardrop takes on the job of many blending and contouring brushes all by itself. Its use, however, is not limited to that; the beauty blender's unusual form can also be used to apply foundation, which is a skill that most cosmetic professionals swear by. Simply dampen the blender before applying the foundation, and your complexion will be perfect as never before.

3. Mist away the matte

Though we think matte makeup is on its way back, we're loving the dewy, candlelight skin trend right now, if only because it's so much simpler than attempting to keep our foreheads completely shine-free. The issue emerges when you're looking for a smooth canvas and apply more than a dab of foundation and concealer to cover your bothersome breakout—things may quickly get cakey. One of the greatest makeup artist tips for resolving the problem? As though you were an expert makeup artist, spray yourself with your favourite face mist. Any hard lines or caked-on texture will be instantaneously diffused by the mist.

4. Bronzey eyes

Bronzer may not seem like the most obvious contender for greatest double-duty product, but we're going to give it a shot. Sweeping bronzer over your eyelids to provide a barely-there wash of colour and make your eyes and cheeks pop in the most natural way is one of her finest recommendations.

5. Cover with Red

Some celebrities always appear immaculate, which is why we believe their makeup artist when they says they look flawless. If you don't have a peach-toned concealer for under-eye bags (makeup 101, y'all), you can disguise your dark circles by mixing a matte red-orange lipstick with your regular concealer. Crazy? Yes. Will we give it a shot? Yes, absolutely.

6. Peach or apricot-toned primers will brighten your complexion

Primers with peach or apricot tones are great for brightening up dull, weary skin, especially for people with darker complexions. The primer's tinted tint helps to improve hyperpigmentation and is also great for concealing dark circles with blue or purple undertones.

7. Between the primer and the foundation, use powder

Setting your primer with a powder before applying foundation is one approach to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. It may seem strange (because liquids should never be applied on top of powders), but it actually works. Apply your usual face primer and set it with a little translucent powder. By doing so, you're securing the primer and ensuring that it doesn't move around and disrupt your foundation. Remember, though, that moderation is key—too much powder will make the foundation cakey.

8. Underneath your foundation, apply cream blush, bronzer, and highlighter

But isn't that defeating the purpose of using it in the first place? No, not at all. By layering a cream bronzer, blush, and/or highlighter beneath a light foundation, you may get that natural "lighted from within" glow that we all crave.

9. To make lipstick last longer, blot it and add powder

Layering is the key to making any lipstick last. Begin by lining and filling in your lips with a nude or lipstick-matching lip pencil. Then, using a lip brush, apply a little coating of lipstick. Hold a tissue over your lips, blot the color, and finish with a light coating of transparent powder. For stubborn lip color, repeat the method one or two more times.

10. Fake elongated, feline eyes

Everyone desires sultry feline eyes, but not everyone's eyes are naturally shaped that way. There are, however, a few methods to get away with it. The most effective approach to obtain attractive, enlarged eyes is to use a classic winged eyeliner. Use a black pencil in the lower waterline and drag it all the way towards the inner corner if you have larger eyes. Another little tip is to use a dark eyeliner to create a small, triangle point on the inner corners of your eyes, following their natural shape (black for drama, brown for a more natural, daily appearance).


As we know makeup artists may have many a trick up their sleeve, these were some of the top hacks and tricks tried and tested by some acclaimed artists.


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