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Beauty Travel Kit Essentials

PKMH Recommends

Traveling is fun, it’s freedom packaged with excitement. But when you are sightseeing onew cities or locales, a basic skincare/beauty kit is absolutely recommended.

Whether you go to the beach or travel through hilly roads or catch a flight in a hurry. In all these situations, you never know when you need basic make-up necessities to do a touch-up or a skin product rescuing you from your travel skin woes.


Here are 10 essentials products that #pkmhrecommends to carry in your beauty/skincare kit while traveling:

1. Foundation & Concealer

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We require Foundation to create a decent base coverage to even out our skin. A good concealer is needed to camouflage our eye bags or dark circles from incomplete sleep. We believe these products are necessary to quickly give a fresh look to a tired travel face.

2. Face Powder

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If you are someone who has an oily face, this is an absolutely necessary product. An essential, to pat away any oil buildup and mattify greasy skin. Just dab a bit of powder to your face and voila, you are good to go.

3. Lipbalm

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A nice tinted lip balm goes well with any outfit, whether you are walking around the beach or shopping on the roads, it swiftly lifts the look of your face effortlessly. Lipbalms are a must as they also solve the problem of chapped lips.

4. Moisturiser

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A nice, gentle moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth while traveling is important. Many a times while traveling we are unable to take care of our skin and moisturisers make sure that our skin is well hydrated and supple. Especially if it involves flight travel - where the skin tends to dry out more.

5. Sunscreen

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A good sunscreen is a need for the hour. Even in between the rain showers traveling to the beach will tan your skin and it will take months to remove the traveling tan. Thus, better to use one essential product in your skincare. Make sure to carry sunscreen with SPF>50. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays & helps avoid peeling and burning of the skin.

6. Night Serum

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While you travel during the day time, a good night Vitamin C serum will take care of your tired skin at night. You will wake up with much better-looking skin instantly. Also, a luscious night serum containing salicylic acid will treat your acne overnight.

7. Blush

Image Source: Pinterest

It adds a fresh natural glow to your face. If you are someone who is not much into makeup, a basic blush will instantly make your skin ravishing and glowy. And perk any tired ‘travel face’.

8. Face Toner

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We couldn’t recommend enough as to what toner does to your skin. It adds liveliness and is a very important step between cleansing and moisturising. Spray your toner on your face and your skin will say thank you. An instant face refresher, it’s a must in ones travel kit.

9. Lipstick

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A versatile nude lipstick is a must while traveling. Lipsticks change your look completely. Add a red lipstick as per your skin tone for a bolder look and a nude one for a pretty simple yet elegant look. We recommend a neutral tone lipstick because it goes with everything and there’s lesser to carry in your kit.

10. Eyeliner & Mascara

Image Source: Pinterest

Whether it’s a holiday, honeymoon or a l family getaway, nothing highlights your features more than ab eyeliner and mascara. Use both or any one to accentuated our eyes. They also work as instant refresher to tired eyes.


We’d be lying if we said we can go on a trip without our beauty kit. It’s true that a set of selected and handpicked beauty essentials can give you an immediate glow. Let’s normalize going out for a even a quick weekend getaway trip with our beauty essentials…and no it’s not too much!


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Note: The recommendations in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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