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Best Buys - Waterproof Makeup

PKMH Recommends

Waterproof products are a necessity in a woman's life. And with the monsoons here already they are a natural go-to in ones makeup kit. The humid weather eventually makes it more necessary to use moisture-resistant products, so here’s a list of 10 must-have #PKMHrecommends Waterproof Makeup Products:

This waterproof Matte Fit Me foundation gives decent coverage and can be used whether in the rainy season or otherwise. During rains, you don't want to apply a lot of makeup products on your face so this one product is good enough to give a base foundation look.

Price: ₹525 for 30 ml.

This blush stick from Maybelline gives a natural look and is waterproof, so even if it rains, your natural glow will not go. It blends perfectly and gives a very radiant look to your face.

Price: ₹2800 for 6.8 g.

A waterproof eyeliner is a must in the monsoon. Imagine yourself having eyeliner applied and then it rains, and your eyeliner just smudges and goes away.

A perfect look will turn into a disaster so it is always better to apply waterproof eyeliner. This one from Chambor is a smudge-proof pencil and stays for quite a long time. Trust me, it is a savior.

Price: ₹495 for 0.28 g.

A long-lasting Matte waterproof lipstick is a must. I recommend matte lipstick during the monsoon or even swimming (if you would like to apply) because in that situation your lipstick will stay intact. The utmost importance of having this lipstick is when you are on a beach.

A matte lipstick with waterproof as the added feature is simply a bonus. You should grab this one since the monsoon is around the corner.

Price: ₹899 for 4.7 g.

If you love a little bounce on your eyelashes, and want to give yourself a complete look even if it rains then this one's for you.

We love this one because it gives perfect bounce and length to my eyelashes and is also waterproof. It is black, water-resistant, and hence long-lasting.

Price: ₹1050 for 8.5 ml.

This comes under great range, and the color it provides of deep brown is subtle and adds a very glamorous brown look to your eyes. It lasts for approximately 7 to 8 hours.

Price: ₹714

Affordable, cheap, and best in this range to provide waterproof features. Hides blemishes, dark circles, spots, eye bags, and other marks effortlessly. Your one go to the product in the waterproof catalog.


Stays long, adds an SPF factor, and is Waterproof. Provides good coverage to medium to dark tones. It also adds Vitamin E to your skin.

Price: ₹899.00

After applying all the makeup products, you need this spray to keep your makeup intact. It is a waterproof spray that you can apply any time of your day.

Price: ‎₹1,955.00

This is a new product and can be both a cheek blush and lip tint. It stays for a long time, even if the face is splashed with water. Can be used whether you are in a swimming pool, a beach, or dancing in the rain. Adds a perfect pink natural look to your cheeks or lips without any risk of getting removed.



The above is a round up of basic waterproof makeup that we feel can complete on your makeup look on a rainy or humid day, without a care.

Our mantra for the monsoon season is ‘Keep your style quotient high and your makeup waterproof and long-wear .’

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