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But 1st...eye makeup

Let your eyes do the talking!

With the current pandemic, getting dolled up can be the last thing on our minds? And understandably so! Who’s going to see out makeup covered behind a mask right? Wrong!

What about our eyes? The right makeup can define your eyes just enough to speak volumes, be it with a pop of colour or with different eyeliner forms.

As experienced makeup artists we create the best eye makeup looks within a few simple steps. Now we figured it was about time we shared some of our trade secrets with you. Most of all, in order to do these at home, you do not have to be a makeup artist or even particularly any professional with an eye shadow brush, you just have to love yourself to enhance your best feature.


Read on for the most stunning, simple ideas for eye makeup that can be completed in just 5 minutes or even less. It’s our word you’ll leave this article richer by at least one look.

Pop & Bold Eyes

Go bold with your look by adding colour above the cut crease with captivating neon shades.

One chic way to advance from the norm is by painting a bold eye shadow outlining the crease and drawing an impressive arch over the crease with pop eye colours. To offer a bright and beautiful statement eye look, this is a seamless mix of turquoise coupled with a graphic style.


Ombré Effect

Embrace your inner goddess to give a lived-in impact with flowery colours and colorful look with the aid of the supreme Ombre Eye shadow look.

For the exclusive gradient glossy look, a subtle combination of softer tints and purple and pastel pink shades of eye makeup using medium tones and bronzes to achieve the ombre effect is used. Start by using an eye shadow primer to prepare the lids and selecting a rich hue for the base coat.


Sunset Eyes

A feel of sunset - eye makeup that lets the eyes look bigger while complimenting to perfect demonstration of the skyline hues.

The Sunset Eye is a romantic blend of soft chocolate, coral, purple and yellow eye shadow inspired from the gorgeous sunset hues. Smudge the liner in with a blending brush, to get that delicate smokey effect without overpowering the colours. Finish it off with a lash defining mascara.


Aquatic Feline Eyes

Eye makeup blended with bold colours & cats-eye shadow.

It’s a simple combination of vibrant shades of blue eye shadow and a sleek black winged liner to pull out the perfect diva like appearance.

You can alternate this look by winging the eyes with a softly smudged blue eyeliner, while skipping the shadow for a lighter makeup look.


Halloween Eyes

To dramatically elevate your look with season-inspired bright colours, go for the vibrant & chic Pumpkin orange smokey eye.

A beautiful mix of pumpkin spice incorporating dark orange eye shadow all the way up to the eyebrows is one of the new beauty trends. To enhance this look, use the similar blend of colours under the lower lash line. Finish off the look with a lash volumising mascara.


If you’re wearing the above eye makeup styles, try and keep the rest of your face makeup to a minimal. A healthy flush & nude lip colours would suit them well.

The idea is to go wild with your look one feature at a time.

What you waiting for...Go experiment with some colours now!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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