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Choosing the Perfect Foundation

Getting The Basics Right

Foundation is basically a colored cream, powder or fluid used as a base before applying other cosmetics. It is applied to even out the facial skin tone.

It is very important to use the right shade for your skin because the wrong Foundation colour looks obvious and unnatural. It also doesn't create the proper canvas for applying the rest of your makeup.


There are few factors you need to consider while selecting a perfect foundation shade that includes your skin type, skin tone, and texture.

Image Courtesy: GlamourwithChristine

● You need to understand your undertone before trying to choose a Foundation. The surface of your skin can change colour due to exposure to the elements or acne but your undertone will always stay the same. Try data mining your undertone.

Cool- The skin is more blue, pink or red.

Warm- the skin is more yellowish and golden.

Neutral- The skin is a combination of cool and warm colors.

● Know the correct foundation for your skin type: the skin can be oily, dry or sensitive so try to choose a Foundation that suits your skin perfectly. Choose a matte finish or oil free liquid foundation if you have oily skin. Go for a moisturizing or a hydrating Foundation if you have dry skin.

● It is always beneficial to buy a Foundation that has an spf because it provides a small measure of protection against UVB and UVA rays.

● Use your skin to narrow down your choices for choosing the perfect foundation shade. For cool undertones choose shades like cocoa, rose. For warm undertones choose golden, tan. For neutral choose nude or ivory.


Different types of foundation

a) Pressed powder

b) Liquid

c) Gel

d) Mineral Powder

e) Cream

The right finish of foundation comes with different textures and they are:

Matte(no shine, lasting finish), Satin(sheen/cashmere finish), Luminous(dewy/pearl finish) &

High Gloss(shimmering finish).

It is up to you to choose the desired texture with the correct shade.


Application techniques to get the flawless finish

1) Use A Brush

Many don't really consider any tool an essential to apply their foundation but most of the professional artists suggest that using a brush is a must to get flawless and even finish. The shape of the brush also matters according to the type of foundation you are going to wear as well as the finish you prefer.

2) Apply Foundation Using An Outward Stroke

Foundation is applied outwards because if you apply foundation against the grain then you push the facial hair upwards and it looks more noticeable after you complete your makeup.

3) Dab It On The T-Zone

Image Courtesy: Marie Claire

Perfect for getting everyday coverage you can also dab foundation only on the areas where you need to hide pimples redness or T-zone.

4) Apply Concealer

If your other problem areas aren't covered completely, then you can apply a concealer specially to cover the bluish under-eye region before foundation application.


These were some important tips and tricks you need to consider while choosing the right foundation and applying it to get a flawless luminous finish.

It’s time to get even!

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