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Easter Eye Makeup

Some Bunny Loves Hue

Everybody needs that perfect edgy look for special occasions. Go vibrant this Easter Sunday with the best themed makeup. To help you with that chic look, we rounded up the best Easter eyeshadow ideas for this year. Here you go!


If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go over the top, yet if you usually do your makeup more on the natural side but want to brighten things up for the holiday, incorporating fun spring colours like turquoise and gold into your eyeshadow look is an easy way to do it. By keeping the rest of your face simple, you can let your eyes really shine.

Nothing can beat fresh and glowing pink makeup look that gives you all the spring feels. You can give yourself this shiny and radiant look just applying an illuminating primer topped with shimmery pink eyeshadow and that edgy wing liner to make your eyes pop and complete the look.

If you’re planning on trying something bold this easter, this ultra-festive painted Easter egg-inspired makeup look gives you a helping hand in bringing play and experimentation in action.

If you’re someone who likes it a little extra, then this colourful rainbow eyes would be perfect for your Easter look. While on the outside it may look tricky, but can easily be achieved just following the right blending steps, stick ons and glitter glue.

This soft yet classy look is just effortlessly perfect for any occasion. Just set a base with nude pinkcolour and apply a ice blue colour shadow in the inner crease followed by the purple eyeshadow in the outer to get an amazing look in no time. Blend it properly and see the results you'd never expect!

With this aligned bold pastel makeup style, the pastel ombre cut-crease eye can give the appearance of a pastel Easter egg. This Easter look will feature a combination of shimmery gold, baby pink and deep scarlet eyeshadow colors that will catch people's attention. Apply a light, delicate pink blush to your cheeks and a translucent lip gloss to make your lips glimmer to take this look to the next stage.

This cute and lively eyeshadow look might not look like a piece of cake but actually is one! You just have to blend different eyeshadows on the upper as well as the lower lid followed by some stars by any white eye liner and here you go! The perfect Easter eyeshadow look just in a few steps.

Not everyone likes to go over the top and this is the one, if you’re looking for something bold yet simple. This unique eye look, looks tough but can be the easiest one once you try it. All you have to do is apply a nude shade to set a base. Take a green eye-shadow and apply it on the upper lid as well as on the lower lash line of your eye. Complete the look with a little glitter for the sparkly look.


Every time you think of Easter, you undoubtedly remember your childhood Easter egg hunts and summer dresses. Now that you're an adult, you should view Easter with a unique perspective in terms of your makeup.

It's the best chance to play with light, pastel hues in your makeup with deeper shades in the same family.

This roundup of adorable Easter eye make up ideas that are sure to make your Easter Sunday a funday.

Time to get some hue on you!

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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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