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The What & How!

There's no doubt that to enhance your gorgeous face, the knowledge of beauty comes to use. And while you certainly already know more about concealers and highlighters, another form of makeup you can learn is face baking. A procedure used to produce flawless-looking skin that lasts for longer hours.

That's why we will reveal not only how face baking helps your makeup routine but how it also helps you get selfie-ready.



Face baking is about layering various face makeup items (such as concealer or setting powder) to position your makeup for a smooth finish, no extra application required.

Face baking is a technique which focuses on the under-eye area. It involves applying translucent powder, harnessing the heat from your face to set your foundation and concealer before lightly dusting it off.



  • Under eye cream or Primer

  • Cream based foundation.

  • Concealer

  • Setting powder

  • Powder brush



1. Just don't bust out your complete makeup yet; initially, you need a little touch of skin care. Start by putting eye cream under your eyes and then use your fingers to pat it softly to make sure it’s absorbed in well.

2. The following step of face baking

can be a concealer, but preferably before adding it on, it is necessary to build an evened out base with a liquid textured/ cream foundation.

3. Create an upside-down shaped triangle under the eye area, choose a liquid concealer. The triangle shaped application makes the concealer blending more natural without a stark look.

4. Take a beauty blender and softly buff the concealer.

5. Light setting powder, as we described above is the way forward to bake your makeup just like a pro. With a makeup sponge or a beauty blender, take some loose powder and an add it onto the concealed area for a minimum of 15 minutes.

6. Once done gently dust off the extra fixing powder which is still on your cheeks, use your soft powder or a fan brush to literally ‘seal’ the deal.


This technique even though has been around for some time now courtesy the famous Kim Kardashian; makeup experts have been lauding this strategy on YouTube channels and Instagram stories as of late. There's no risk in improvising your expertise with this popular technique. As we say at PKMH

‘Bake it till you Make it”


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