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Glow Up Everyday

One may not feel like applying lots of makeup when at home. But in this time of a global pandemic, it’s important not to forget self love and self care. Even though we can’t step out in this pandemic, you can always dress up and feel good at home with makeup and the works.


Here are 10 feel good make up tips you can use at home.

1. Apply Alovera gel instead of primer

At home, you can dive into your beauty kitchen and instead of going with a primer, you can choose Alovera gel which works the same and nourishes your skin.

2. Mix foundation in moisturiser

Yes you heard that right. If you don’t want to go heavy on your skin, mixing your daily moisture with your foundation can be a life saver. Not only will it nourish your skin but also cover the dark spots and uneven skin tone giving you a flawless look.

3. Go for minimal concealer

Trust me you don’t want to get your under eyes cakey for no reason. Go for minimum concealer just around the corner of eyes and near the nose area. You can also cover some pigmentation near the mouth.

4. Mascara instead of Eyeliner

Yes absolute right! To keep it minimal yet elegant, go with mascara as it’s super easy and gives you that ‘no makeup’- makeup look, giving volumes to your lashes.

5. Pink lipstick for all purposes

Who wants to spend half an hour in blending eyeshadows when you can just use a pink lipstick as one. Take some lipstick on your finger tips and gently blend it on your eyelids with fingers for the perfect pink eye look.

6. Blush without a brush

Just use the same lipstick and blend it on the apples of your cheek for the perfect natural blush in one go. Who needs a brush when you can rock the game with your fingers.

7. Brows with Eyeshadow

Not everyone has a brow pencil. So at such a time, just take your eyeshadow palette and choose the darkest shade matching your brows and fill in with it. Doesn’t matter if you have undone brows, it’ll suit perfectly.

8. Go for nude lipsticks

Who wants to have red lips at home for no reason? So for the minimal makeup look, just choose the nude lipstick of your choice and look effortlessly beautiful at home.

9. Eyeshadow as highlighter

You might not have a highlighter at home, so in such a situation just take your shimmery eyeshadow palette and take any shimmer shade on your finger tips and apply gently on the high points of your face.

10. Use the handle of your brush as contour guide

If you have your hands shaky all the time while applying makeup, just take the brush and put it at an angle when your want to contour your face. Just dust your bronzer, contour powder or stick at the right angle for effortless contouring. Just blend to soften the marks it might leave on your face.


Here you go! These were some easy tips to have super easy and minimal makeup at home even though you can’t step out in this pandemic. Who says you need to have a reason to apply makeup and feel good about yourself. Try these and fall in love with yourself all over again.

It’s time to #glowup !


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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