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Healing The Heel & More!

It is your feet that take all your weight through the day and the amount of care that some of us have for our feet is equal to zero. There are very few people in this world who would apply moisturizers on their heels & toes to avoid getting dry and cracked feet.

During special occasions, we wear uncomfortable footwear to look fashionable and this causes huge distress to us because it may lead our heels to crack and lead to further skin tissue problems. Sounds painful right?

That’s where moisturising socks come in.

Moisturizing socks bring relief to the feet by hydrating it. These socks have a lining of cream, paraffin or gel to soak and wrap your feet in luxurious moisturise heaven. The result smooth and hydrated feet!

Let's get set & go to the list of #PKMHrecommends ‘Best Foot Moisturizing Socks’


These socks are used for curing and naturally hydrating your skin smoothly. This item helps in rejuvenating tired feet and is enriched with antioxidants and some healthy botanical extracts. In less than 30 minutes these socks will make your feet smooth and refreshed. The LuxaDerme Moisturizing socks are suitable for every skin type. A must have product for all.


Do you need an intensive foot treatment? Are you tired of walking with feet that have dry cracks? Well, this is a perfect additional service for pedicures. These socks are rich in argan oil and collagen emulsion to moisturize and hydrate the skin of feet. These socks are made of macro thin dual layered material that protects our feet from 98% of UV rays. These socks are dermatologically tested and thus, it leaves the feet soft, smooth and moisturized after every use.


Very few people in this world are taking extra care of their feet and this is the reason why many of them face trouble in walking & running sometimes. These zentoes socks are gel-based socks that provide spa-like hydration and leave your feet smooth and supple after every use. You can use these socks at night before going to bed and then let your feet enjoy the relaxation therapy all-night. You can also use moisturizers or serums to pair with these socks to protect your toes. The zentoes socks are unisex socks and thus, can be used by both men and women.


House of Beauty's HOB Paraffin Foot Socks is a special, intensive and easy-to-use foot deep moisture mask that features a sock type design that envelops the whole foot. The innovative rejuvenating formula guarantees deep and intensive regeneration and hydration of dry patches on feet, and heels. The natural paraffin comes in hygienic packs and is ready for immediate use. Infused with coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, this is a complete foot hydration therapy. Recommended for home use or spas to give to the client to take home and use weekly. Can be reused up to three times for a one-month treatment.


These 5-toe moisturizing socks are very helpful in moisturizing your toes and also at the same time keeping the soles and heels hydrated. The SmartGel formula consists of botanical oils, aloe vera, vitamins and shea butter. These socks help in preventing dry toes, cracked heels, and other foot related issues and are best used to heal and give your feet the refreshing life they deserve. You can use these socks for 20 minutes on alternate days and your lovely feet that bear a lot are good to go back to no pain, dry strain or fatigue. Voila!


These were some of the best feet moisturizing and hydrating socks that can be used by both men and women. you need to wear these often to heal various foot related problems such as dryness, cracked heels, pain, fatigue and many more issues. Try looking out for various foot moisturizing socks and opt for the ones that help in healing your specific problem.

Got a hectic lifestyle? Look at your feet and check whether they require a healing process or not. Use the socks which are highly moisturizing using various serums, gels, and creams so that you can easily slide your socks up and make your feet smooth and supple.

This is the pampering your feet are craving...Cheers to Happy Feet!

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Note: the recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin, nail or beauty related concerns , reach out to us on email

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