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Japanese Makeup Tips

A Softer Style To Glow Up!

Konnichiwa to all the beauties! The Japanese makeup style is very brightening, it opens up the face, and can appear a little less by Western standards. Even so, this minimalist and unique approach is a classic look that is simple to achieve with a little time and effort. All the Japanese makeup tips can add that lil extra glow and glam quotient to your office look as well as a casual look.


Here are our top ten tips for achieving flawless and much sought afterJapanese inspired looks!

1) Moisturiser

Source: Pinterest

This is a general make-up tip followed by almost everyone. Japanese also follow this step in order to get light moisturized skin before moving further with the base. It makes your skin look less "cakey".

2) Apply a very light base

Source: Pinterest

After applying moisturizer, Japanese prefer going for a lighter base. Take an oil-free primer and a conceal to give a natural base. Use concealer to hide dark circles, marks, etc. Don't forget to apply lesser product and spread evenly.

3) Have easy on foundation

Source: Pinterest

Japanese prefer make-up that gives more of a natural look. A little foundation works on your skin. The base is really important but it is supposed to look like it's barely there. Put a few dots on your skin, mostly on your forehead and chin and blend the base properly.

4) Loose powder

Japanese makeup is incomplete without loose powder. They use it almost every time. Set your base with loose powder. It works best for Japan's hot and humid temperature and doesn't look heavy at all.

5) Highlighter

Source: Pinterest

Highlighters work as an illuminator and contour both. Apply it gently on your cheek bones, bridge of your nose. Japanese use highlighters to highlight their eye makeup too.

6) Light and peachy eye

Source: Google

Talking about Japanese makeup and not mentioning their mesmerizing peachy eye look is impossible. Give a peach color base on your crease and on the lid. Try giving a finishing look by applying the peach shadow on your lower lash line. Highlight a little to complete the look.

7) Mascara

Source: Google

Do not apply countless layers of Mascara. 1-2 layers work really well for Japanese make-up.

8) An easy-peasy eyeliner wing

Source: Google

Apply a straight and small eyeliner wing to line your upper lash line and you're good to go. Japanese lean towards a simple winged eyeliner as it’s efficient and enhances their gorgeous eyes.

9) Blush

Source: Google

In most Japanese beauty makeup routines, blush serves as that much needed splash of colour much more than eye shadow and lipstick. The most popular blushes in Japan are shimmery, coral and pink. Apply the blush gently on the apples of your cheeks.

10) Soft Lip color

Source: Pinterest

Apply a baby-pink or a neutral gloss shade to get a soft and cute look that is mostly followed in Japan. Bold colors don't work with the soft look.


Oh we know you're going to follow these Japanese makeup tricks now! Grab your products now and try the soft glowing look now. The Japanese make-up tricks are really elegant and once you start doing it, there's no going back.



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