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Makeup Kit Essentials

Back To Basics

It's natural to feel intimidated by the variety of items in the beauty lane if you've only started delving into the realm of makeup.

In order to create your beauty kit ready, you just need a couple of makeup essentials. And just saying, it does not take wild makeup abilities to use these items.

Excited to know more?

Here are a few of the best beauty must-haves we've picked up for your beauty makeup kit.



Not only does a strong lipstick hue help brighten the skin, but it also stops it from your face looking washed out. And the options are endless when applies to lip colours & textures. We recommend beginning with fewer pigmented shades and eventually switching to bolder colours if you are completely new to lipstick.



The secret to achieving perfect looking complexion is your makeup. When it applies to your cosmetics regimen, it's also the toughest thing to set things right. In case you are beginner to using a foundation, prior to actually buying, it is necessary to either try it on your jawline.



Ladies, prior to going in for some sort of cosmetics, we can't emphasise the significance of moisturising your skin sufficiently. It is the best base for your makeup. This will not only moisturises the skin, but also strengthen the moisture barrier. And if you possess oily skin, you can not miss moisturising since it helps control the production of oil.



A primer functions like magic in case you wish your make-up to remain throughout the day. Not only can it build a smooth and perfect even base, but it additionally makes the application of foundations much simpler.



Among the most important items in your cosmetics collection is the concealer. Your concealer acts like a lock, be it if you want to hide wrinkles, swelling, or heavy under eye circles. The idea while using a concealer is “less is more”



A nude eyeshadow palette is a great way to practice using and wearing eyeshadow. This selection is important for a novice to learn the eyeshadow application process and getting comfortable with the different hues that the shades & tones provide.



An essential element of every beauty look is an eyeliner. The result may be an intricate cat-eye or a realistic appearance that requires only a little touch of eyeliner, scarcely there. It's important to begin with pencil eyeliner instead of directly going on to a fluid one until you're very good at applying it.



Through its enchanted brush, using a mascara will turn your eyeslashes and spice them up immediately with more strength, volume and length. It's the one beauty product that used even on its own can automatically make you appear bright-eyed.



The manner your makeup comes out reflects a great deal on the tools you are using. You do not need or require a million brushes in your beauty bag as a newcomer. Just a few essentials ones like eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip, foundation & concealer brush.



Whenever you are in requirement of a fast touch-up, a compressed powder or a compact can save the day. Keep it in your carry on pouch so it can be used quickly and conveniently and allows sealing your foundation for longer wear as well.


Makeup is intended to better & enhance the natural appearance, not to mask a face- we believe at PKMH. To experiment with unique designs, you just need a couple of basic essentials. Just keep it clear and true.

Now go for it makeup newbie...Its time to go pro!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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