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Short Hairstyles

Keeping It Chic & Casual

Short hair ladies time you at? We have brought to you some amazing hair styling ideas and tips so that you can rock your casual outfits and hangouts with style.

Searching for trendy hairstyles and not finding the perfect fit for your hairstyle is disappointing. Well, we have everything covered for you, be it casual, a wedding or even a work look.

To all the divas with short hair, let us take you to the world of trendy hairstyles that would look perfect with every attire.


Here's the list of hairstyles for short hair-

1) French Braid With A Top Knot

Image Credit - Milabu

Take a section of your front Hair and start creating a french braid. Now collect the upper part of your hair and create a half bun like a top knot and give the last twist.

2) Messy Low Bun

Image Credit - The Right Hairstyles

Can we accept the fact that a low messy bun is the coolest hairstyle ever? It doesn't matter which occasion we are going to, which place we are heading, or even if we're staying at home for binge watching, the lower messy bun looks amazing. Take your hair in full, create a bun at the end loosely.

3) Loose Waves

Image Credit - Elle

Detangle your hair properly, apply a good heat protectant and roll your hair in Big sections. The bigger the sections are the loser will be the waves. you are good to go to rock the messy yet classy look with loose hair waves.

4) Cat Ear Knots

Image Credit - Stylecraze

If you want to look chic and cute both at the same time then this hairstyle is for you. All you have to do is take some hairof your crown section on both the sides and create two seperate knots. And you are done with the cat ear knots hairstyles that looks super cool with chic casual outfits.

5) Printed Bandanas

Image Credit - Styles At Life

Get some super cool printed bandanas that are really trending right now. Create a casual loose lower pony and secure the pony with a bandana with ease and comfort that looks stunning.

6) Messy Top Bun

Image Credit - The Right Hairstyles

You can create a top bun with a Messy look. But let’s add a pinch of fashion with it. Buy a cool colourful scarf that looks vintage and classy and secure your head with the scarf after making a top bun.

7) The Thin Ribbon

Image Credit- Mane Addicts

Another very check hairstyle is the back securing of some upper section of hair from front. Take some help from the front and create a cute half pony and secure with a thin ribbon perfect as a hair accessory for all the formal as well as informal events.

8) Half Bun

Image Credit - Short Hairdo

There are so many hair accessories available in the market these days. The hair accessories are rocking the trend. Get a classy metallic U-pin and create a very eye-catching hairstyle that looks very simple and elegant. Take a section of your hair from the upper part, create a knot and secure it with that U-pin you got for you.


These were some of the hairstyles that are effortless and stunning. Short hair requires less maintenance and you would look perfect with these hairstyles on.

Get your hands in your hair and work up your own style statement now!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

Disclaimer: The images in the article are sourced. We do not take credit for the images. Incase the images belong to you or your brand pls let us know. We would be happy to credit and tag you - if not done already!

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