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A guide for your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s

You've probably got a lot of stuff worked out once you've been around for 20+ years. But is the regimen for skin care one of the aspects you've got a handle on?

And furthermore, your skin care goals can also change as you mature, which suggests that it might be time for an upgrade. So let's move to it without any further delay!

Here’s are advice from our experts at PKMH below:


1. 20’s

Until you are completely used to to skincare products, cleansing is probably already part of regular, key element in your skin care routine that must not be skipped. Washing your face in the shower and before bed can help get rid of the impurities, makeup and moisture. Cleansing all the accumulated layers of grime with a gentle cleansers is a must. If using micellar water, keep the process fast and easy.


2. 30’s

As your skin begins to show initial effects of aging as you reach your 30s, this can be regulated with adequate treatment. A serum with chemical compounds, combined with the use of a strong moisturising, can potentially facilitate the dermal surface of the skin. Invest in a tightening toner that will also help minimise pores and re-structure the pH levels of your skin.


3. 40’s

Your skin continues exhibiting actual signs of ageing when you hit your 40s, which can be managed with good products. One of the safest ways of keeping the skin glowing is to engage in skincare rituals at night. You can choose Vitamin C serums that are packed with antioxidants and vitamins or Retinol that targets fine lines and pigmentation to increase your skin's hydration during night.


4. 50’s

Mature skin must be handled with a gentle, non-irritating exfoliator for regular face washing which won't deprive the skin of essential natural oils or infuriate dry and sensitive areas. Using a toner along with retinol night creams will be the safest option to help preserve the pH elasticity of the skin after washing and will also provide an additional layer of conditioning and serve as a transporter for the further skin-care measure.


5. 60’s

Skincare is much more of a must have than ever when you move into your 60s and even beyond. You might also want to treat elevated symptoms of ageing, like sun spots, an irregular colour of the skin and skin wrinkling. Consider serums containing brightening components like niacinamide including retinol for a more flawless appearance. However, using a hydrating serum such as the Revitalise Face Serum would be beneficial to regenerate the fluid intake in your skin. Implement face balm into standard routine to tighten saggy skin and even out deeper wrinkles.


Age puts a strain on our bodies and our skin as well. And your skin begins to show initial effects of aging as you approach your late 20S 30s or beyond. By fine-tuning your regular skincare regimen, one requires setting up a new skin-care regimen from hydrating to tightening your skin. The bottom line is to stay your flawless, fresh self while embracing the experience & knowledge that aging brings along with it.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature and might not be suitable to everyone. Incase you have a specific skin, hair or a beauty query, reach out to us on email.

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