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Shine Bright & Get Glowing!

Taking charge of your skin is among one of the investments that will hardly go out of fashion, much like the ideal short black dress or knitted Chanel faux leather jacket. Yet, as in style, when it gets to skincare ideas - the newest and biggest beauty breakthrough, in 2020, is flawless skin.

We have built a collection of a few of our PKMH favourite trends that have set the stage for 2020 and beyond...



Customers are growing far more mindful of what they place on their hands and on their bodies. The most naturally procured skincare products are becoming the sole attraction at present. Shoppers also prefer parabens free, phthalates, curing alcohols, moisturisers, and cruelty-free items, along with brands that are considered completely plant-based.



Image source: All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

The reusable game has gotten many brands into it, which is perfect for anyone who needs to cut back on waste. In reality, in 2020, several manufacturers are releasing multiple refillable goods with packaging that is simple for their customer refill, promoting sustainability.



Image Source:

Beauty enthusiasts are beginning to realize the power of toners, eventually. Typically, this is an essential skincare step that people usually skip, however toners are projected to be the highlight of 2020. Skin toning aims to regulate your skin pH levels by eliminating scar tissues and cells right from the surface to keep your skin tight and acne-free.



We also noted an increase in facial therapies that employ only the hands to raise and shape the facial skin. We predict that with hands-on shaping and polishing, extreme use of makeup contouring will fall by the wayside, whereas at the same time facial massages will lead the show.



Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Every day, you're still wearing your sunscreen, right? Great. Since lots of rich, non-chemical alternatives are now obtainable. Formerly, zinc was considered dense and white and undesirable to use, but more individuals are making the move with all the different mineral alternatives available.



Increasingly, we have found that there is decrease in demand and people are no longer waiting for artificially plumped lips. Doctors and surgeons are more willing to enhance the natural form of the lip shape instead of persuading clients to seek lip surgery.


customised SKIN care

In skincare, the new technology involves analysing your personal needs and providing tailored goods and routines. To test and examine your skin, a few of the big brands such as Olay, Clinique and Kaya merge science with aesthetic products to offer you customised therapy to get the perfect tone, texture and shape.


PEELs to refresh

We see individuals become less afraid of chemical peels. In order to enhance the beauty and appearance of a single surface with almost no discomfort, there are various chemical & simplistic vegetable & fruit peels to enhance the inner layer or your skin.


Shoppers are more consciously self-educated, reviewing skin food names, viewing videos from all over for a global vision and becoming excited about indie cosmetics, which mostly means using items that can be found on your plate instead of prepared in a laboratory. Instead of covering up blemishes, shoppers are more concerned about getting their skin repaired with a natural good texture and smooth base.

Au Natural to lead the way this 2020 & beyond!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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