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VERY PERI: Pantone Colour Makeup & Nails

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The unveiling of a new Pantone Color of the Year is quite thrilling, especially after two really intense years.

Pantone introduced the new hue with an interactive art event at ArtTech House in New York on December 8th. The event's Instagram stories are incredible! It was a lot of fun.

Very Peri is the new colour of the year! This is the first Color of the Year produced just for the event, honouring the ways in which our lives have altered as a result of the epidemic and how our collective creativity is reaching new heights. All of the previous colours were picked from the Pantone Color System's current palette.

"A dramatic periwinkle blue colour with a vivifying violet red undertone merges the loyalty and consistency of blue with the vitality and thrill of red," according to the manufacturer.

Pantone's experts choose a colour for the coming year by studying colour influences from all over the world, including the entertainment industry and upcoming films, travelling art collections and new artists, fashion, home furnishings, design areas, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions. They could also be inspired by forthcoming major athletic events.



Very Peri in Beauty is "suggestive of personal ingenuity and bold imagination," according to Pantone.

When applied in a variety of finishes and applications, it creates a powerful statement for eyes, nails, and especially hair. It may be glitzy and glam, or it can be dusty and matte.


Nail Designs based on Very Peri Colour

The inspirational Very Peri combines a light touch of reddish activity, force, and warmth with a cold spiritual blue. This blue tint exudes so much strength in and of itself while being elegantly understated. Very Peri nail designs are self-assured, assertive, and feminine; they have a profound and sad quality to them in traces, yet they are not gloomy, but joyous. Because of the strong blue content, the tone has an attractive cold energy at first, but the red components turn this strength into a love note that is devoid of kitsch. This dreamy hue is a sign of transition due to its changeability and adaptability, looking close and distant, vibrant and tranquil, and therefore continually changing.

1. Spring Florals

These delicate lavender blooms are a lovely way to welcome the arrival of spring. To make the colour pop even more, use a matte pastel pink to paint the fingers on which you'll be painting the pattern.

2. Geometric Two Tone Nail Design

To make a more outstanding manicure, combine the colour of the year with a complementary shade to create a two-tone nail design.

3. Heart Tips

This unique form of heart-tips is a creative spin on the much-loved french manicures, so take a break from the standard style.

4. Back To Basic

To make your nail designs stand out, you don't necessarily have to go the additional mile. Very Peri, the color of the year, is so eye-catching on its own that a simple application of it on your nails is sure to turn heads.


Eye Makeup designs based on Very Peri

It's that time of year again, when we celebrate Pantone's Color of the Year. And it's a cool Very Peri for 2022! Very Peri is described as "a lively periwinkle blue color with a vivifying violet-red undertone" by the firm that provides us a new shade card to look forward to every year. Very Peri, also known as 17-3938 or blurple, is a color that is described as "inquisitive and fascinating" and "displays a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit."

1. Glossy Lids

Apply a little of highlighter to the lids as you apply the hue for a dewy appearance. This creates a unicorn effect, which is too gorgeous to pass up! You're ready to glam it up with a pink nude gloss and a bit of blush for that additional pop of colour.

2. Eye Framing

It's a light hue that may be built up to become darker. Put on a full upper and lower water line to frame the eyes. Make it more dramatic by using a lot of mascara.

3. Inner Eye Accent

You may be highlighting the inner corner of your eyes with a standard golden or copper colour. To liven up the outfit, pair it with Very Peri.

4. Matte Effect

Camila Cabello wore it on the Met Gala red carpet this year and it looks stunning as a solid tone with a matte texture.


That’s VERI PERI for you in a nutshell. Pantone colours can be utilised in any capacity when it comes to make up, nails & hair. And such a stunning hue is just perfect to experiment with!

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