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Weekend Getaway Makeup Essentials

A Guide to Packing Right!

It’s time to get weekend ready. Whether you’re jet-setting to a private Villa or to a beach hotel, you need to carry a makeup kit because you don't want to look simple and you are craving some Instagram feed-worthy aesthetic pictures after all that time at home. After fashionable outfits you need to add some glamour, to bring out that photo worthy look, posing at the view is what you must be looking forward to on your upcoming trip. Why not make some good memories without filters and edits. Here’s the makeup your #weekendvacay carry on needs:


Face serum or moisturiser

Always carry a good hydrating face serum or a moisturizer which suits your skin type. Don't ever miss out on this product as travel tends to dehydrate the skin especially if it’s by flight. Hydrated and refreshed skin is the perfect base before heading towards make-up.



Always carry sunscreen to protect your skin from getting tanned. When you go on a trip, you get exposed to the sun, dirt, and dust. Carry the sunscreen to lock your skin or act as a wall between you and the sun rays that harm your skin. If you are planning a trip to any hot sunny place then get a sunscreen of SPF 35 at least. Try getting SPF 50 if you want to invest in it and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.



Hydrating foundations suiting your skin type are a complete go-to from a trip away from home. Search for a foundation according to your complexion, apply it on your face after face serum and sunscreen. Make sure to apply a little bit on the neck to maintain consistency. Try carrying a weightless foundation because of its natural non-cake like quality. Having a good base is an important step for the makeup to follow. Add this item into your bag now.



Give a sassy look to your eyes and wing it up perfectly. If you are traveling somewhere, you should apply eyeliners/kohl/gel liners whatever it is that you fancy, because it highlights your eyes a little more and makes them sparkle a lot more. You get amazing pictures when your eyes look perf! Set the eye goals for them by applying some kohl and smudging a little for that perfect vacay dreamy look.



Enhance your eyelashes with mascara and rock the eye makeup look at your travel destination where you can get amazing Instagram worthy pictures. Flaunt your amazing eyes every time you flutter your lashes. Mascara is the finishing touch to perfect eye makeup. Try lash lengthening and defining mascaras as they will ease the clump away from your lashes.


Lipsticks and Lip Balms

Want your lips to be smooth and plump or would you want to add some colour to your face? The key makeup products or this are Lipsticks and Lip balms. Keep your lip balm in your pocket or In your carry on, so that you can apply it whenever you feel the dryness on your lips. Also, carry a lipstick of any of the trending colors of your choice to give that bold look to your overall outfit. Lipsticks play a huge role in enhancing your whole attire, so choose the colours and textures accordingly.



Carry a peachy/pink blush in your make-up kit best matched to your skin tone. Apply it on your cheekbones a little and exude that naturally-flushed skin look. Applying a tint of blush on cheekbones adds to the contours of your face, bringing out your best features in the most subtle way.



Highlighters adds up a luminous look to your overall make-up. You can carry a Highlighter in iridescent hues to enhance your make-up look and make it fancier. Keep that Highlighter in your make-up kit and wow it up at your getaway.


Face powder

Set up your final look with the face powder, you can apply face powder before applying highlighters. The face powder sets the whole make-up nicely and your stunning face will be ready to rock.


Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup setting spray is very essential after finishing your complete make-up. When you spray it on your face, the make-up look will last long. Perfect to carry that look and a pretty smile on your face all day long.


So did you note the make-up essentials that will make you look oh-so-diva like? All of these products are nothing if you don’t look happy. Make your trip the best with friends or family with some laughter and fun. For the rest, let your makeup do the talking.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend gals!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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