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PKMH Skincare Guide

Winters!!! As much as we enjoy the chilly cold it can have some negative consequences on our skin. Due to the low temperatures, one’s skin does not secrete enough sebum (oil), leading the skin's moisture levels to decline, causing it to itch. The answer is a rich, creamy moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated to the max. To dispel a popular misconception, oily skin needs just as much moisturising as dry skin, as severe winds and colder temperatures can induce increased sebum production, which leads to breakouts. But is this the only solution? We at #pkmhrecommend this and more.

This beautiful weather can be quite harsh to our skin and most of us fail to understand what to do to not make our skin dull during the winters. Don't worry guys we are here just to help you out so that you can have your nice skin throughout the winter.


Here are some of our tips for protecting your skin from winter's bite:

1. Use multiple layers of skin care

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Go for moisture-attracting serums for your skin. Go for the ones containing hyaluronic acid. You can also apply different serums available in the market according to your skin concern as they provide your skin with the nutrients that they are deprived of. You can also apply face oil on top and finish it with the nourishing cream.

2. Skin protection from water contact

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Before entering into the bath or shower, apply a cleansing oil on your skin. Leave it on while you bathe or wash, and then take it off right before you leave. Apply your skin care or body care to merely moist skin right away. This will aid in the retention of moisture and the softening of the skin.

3. Pay special attention to your eyes and lips.

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The skin is thinner here, with few or no oil glands to protect it. Use skin-soothing and-protecting serums and oils around the eyes. Use occlusive balms on the lips to create a barrier against the elements (to seal in moisture rather than provide it). There are a lot of options in the market to choose from. Go for the ingredients you want to include in your product light jojoba, shea butter etc.

4. Wear breathable fabrics and look for natural ingredients

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Opt for fabrics that are light and wear soft fabrics next to your skin. Certain fabrics may lead to itching and rashes on your skin.

Don't go for products with fragrance as they will further dry your skin. Go for unscented products and products containing natural ingredients and which have natural formulas.

5. Honey mask on the go

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After you've removed your makeup, do this in the evenings. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it holds moisture in. This will also give your skin an instant glow. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to dry, and don't neglect your neck.

6. Select the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type

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Moisturizers work as a barrier to keep moisture in and hydrate the skin's surface layers. Water-based, non-comedogenic moisturizers are the best choice for oily skin. To rehydrate dry skin, use a thicker, oil-based moisturizer.

7. Protect yourself with sunscreen

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Even in the winter, the most important thing you can do for your skin is to use sunscreen every day (minimum SPF30). Skin cancer can be caused by excessive sun exposure, which can cause pigmentation problems, wrinkles, collagen loss, and skin cancer. Sunscreen will also help to balance out your skin tone, allowing scars and hyperpigmentation to heal and fade.

8. Cut out on dehydrating ingredients and include lipids in your routine

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Do not go for ingredients such as mineral oils or aggressive acid peels as they may damage your skin barrier function and may result in water loss making the stem dry and dull and exposing it to skin-damaging elements.

Apply grid motion prices having lipids and powerful antioxidants. Go for a cream rich in shielding ingredients such as grape seed oil to prepare and protect skin from the harsh cold.

9. Use a gentle exfoliant

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To eliminate dead and dry cells from the skin's surface and allow serums and creams to penetrate deeper into the skin, use a light exfoliant - this is your most efficient tool for combating dullness and blackheads.

10. Retinoids are not to be feared

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Even if you apply sunscreen, summer usually means more sun exposure. Retinoids used in the winter can help reverse some of the consequences of summer sun exposure, such as dark patches and UV damage. Begin by applying a retinoid every other night and finishing with a rich moisturising cream or oil to seal in moisture.


These were some of our recommended winter skincare tips. But other than maintaining outer Skincare tips, drinking lots of water, exercising, and having fruits and vegetables not only boosts your health but also your skin.

It’s time to get that winter glow inside out!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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