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Aren’t we all tired of wandering around and searching for the best makeup picks for our every day makeup hauls? Ofcourse, we are. From Huda to Loreal, Mac and Smashbox, we might have tried all the cosmetics, but are we done here though? Undoubtedly, we are here to guide you and direct you to the best brand cosmetics stationed in one - what we call our- ‘Cosmetic Haven’

Sephora, is among the best cosmetics brands in the market and has proved to be one of our favourites when it comes to make up.

So, let’s take a look at the famous Sephora Collection and see what’s in ‘their store’ for us.


Watermelon will assuage, hyaluronic acid will moisturise, rehydrate AHAs and eliminate dead cells. Particularly for oily and combination skin, this one is perfect. It's vegan and cruelty-free as well.


A long lasting natural mattifying powder, perfect for blurring uneven skins texture while smoothening imperfections. With a natural matt finish its perfect for daily use.


Working as a marker this eyeliner applicator gives you 2 makeup looks. Alternating between thin lines and thick eyeliner. It’s a versatile buy with intense pigments for a dramatic effect.


Available in balm or scrub formulas, these addictive scent will meet any lip concern and boost every mood. The Lip balm softly removes dead cells and helps the lips feel soft and relaxed throughout sleep. Enjoy smooth, plumping lip night care.


This is a perfect glitter highlighter with long lasting effect. A lil drop applied is enough to give you that luminous highlighter effect. To get the full glam-on look you can gradually build up the product.


It’s light formula helps cover dark circles and other imperfections, while giving you a fresh, rested-looking eye.

Enriched with pure pigments and filler gel, it helps smooth the eye area with a natural, long lasting result.


This delicate palette features 130 colours for the skin, brows, face and lips, combining assorted textures, blush and cream, along with gloss, satin, or sparkly effects to illuminate the festive period.


A multitasking spray this a unique blend of long-lasting, makeup-setting polymers. The blend of ingredients like lemon balm and peppermint work very well to prime and perk your skin.


A formula that works from root to tip adds drama to your lashes. The features include lash lengthening with ultra dark only mascara. It’s keratin enriched and has a voluminizing effect for break-proof, thick and strong lashes.


Without any need to refresh or touch up during the day, a luscious, long-lasting lip stain is enriched with avocado oil.

The features include a changing lip texture op application from cream to silky and lightweight. The hue deposit leave lips coated in even colour from the AM to PM.


We hope you to find this creative makeup cosmetic collection from the Sephora Collection helpful and majestic. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience.


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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