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PKMH Different Types & Product Recommendations

Who does not like beautiful lashes? Most of us do right!! But sadly not all of us are blessed with beautiful long lashes. No matter what your makeup is or the occasion too, just a single stroke of mascara can elevate your entire look.

Mascaras make your eyes look big and beautiful and it is something without which most of us can't go a single day. and when we say a single day, we MEAN IT.

Trust us when it comes to mascara there is an infinite number of formulas out there. Some of them promise extra length, some create great curls and this list goes on.With the plethora of mascara formulas

and wand varieties available in the market, one might get a tad confused in which mascaras would suit them best.


So we at #PKMH have compiled a list of some different mascaras for you to choose from.

Oh yes the bonus is a product recommendation under each type.

Lengthening Mascara:

As the name suggests 'They're real' totally goes with this mascara as it is really hard to accept that such a great mascara exists. Not raving about it but the wand and formula of this mascara are just so unique. The wand draws iron oxide pigments and deposits them on your lashes giving you a great look with longer and beautiful lashes. This mascara has a great stay power of 36 hours. It has some great reviews as the customers who have used it could not stop talking good things about it.

The only con with this mascara is that it's a bit pricey.

Price: 1440 INR for 4.5 gm

Voluminizing Mascara:

This mascara has a unique maximizing formula that can thicken our lashes 5X times their natural thickness. It gives beautiful results in just one go. It is waterproof and ophthalmologists tested which makes it safe for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. It has an ultra-creamy and balmy formula that helps it to glide smoothly on your lashes. It is infused with some great oils like castor oil, rose oil and has cornflower extracts. Customers who have used this have totally loved it because of its performance and pocket-friendly price.

The only con with this mascara is it is pretty hard to remove.

Price: 799 INR for 7.6 ml

Lash Defining Mascara:

MAC is an internationally acclaimed brand and people who have used their products always have good things to talk about them. This mascara by MAC has a lightweight formula that helps to create dense, elongated, and curly lashes. It is smudge-proof, does not flake and clump up the eyelashes, and has a lengthening effect. Customers who used this said that the difference was totally visible and this is great for anyone.

The only shortcoming with this mascara is it is not waterproof and is a bit pricey.

Price: 1050 INR for 1 gm

Lash Curling Mascara:

Maybelline is a brand that provides you great products at good prices. They have great mascara options to choose from but this one is a cult favourite. It is easy to apply and coats every lash from tip to root in a single stroke. It has a 75% curling effect and is great for long wear as it lasts for 18 hours. It has a fast-drying formula, is easy to remove, and is really safe for people with sensitive eyes. Customers who use this mascara swear by it because of its amazing effect and pocket-friendly price.

The only shortcoming of this mascara is that it may clump up the lashes.

Price: 399 INR for 9.2ml

Lash Thickening Mascara

Too faced is an internationally acclaimed brand when it comes to makeup. They have some amazing products with great formulas. This mascara is one of the best products and if I am saying best, it is actually 'THE BEST.'

It has a great fuelled formula that thickens, volumizes, and lengthens your lashes in just one stroke. It is intensely black, smudge-proof hence is great for all-day wear. It has some great ingredients which nourish and condition the lashes. Its brush has the unique shape of an hourglass which unlocks the collagen-fuelled formula. The best part of this product is it is cruelty-free and free of parabens.

Other than the price this product hardly has any cons. It is worth trying because it totally does what it promises and is worth every penny. Customers who have used this mascara cannot stop raving about it and that is the reason why it is a cult favourite.

Price: 1150 INR for 4.8 ml and 1900INR for 8 ml


These are some of our favourite #PKMHRecommends picks for you so that you can get those beautiful lashes without any dilemma and rock any look.

Here’s to fluttering your lashes!

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NOTE: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only and might not suit all skin types & conditions. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, reach out to us on email.

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