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DIY Men’s Hair Colour

PKMH Recommends

Hair is the one style statement that men can't just let go and it's worth ensuring that your hair is styled just the way you want, while exuding the right amount of elegance and edge.

To simplify your choice woes we have compiled an elite list of hair colours for men that are sure to deliver on all such promises and prevent the not-so-rare grey hair problems.

Autostop hair color provides a foolproof, easy way to get rid of gray. You to comb in the applicator and there is no mixing, no mess. It comes with an enhanced formula and gives better coverage from roots to ends.

Price: Rs.1571

Garnier color naturals comes with intense nutrition - enriched with 3 oils, a pleasant nourishing application, rich long-lasting color and non-drip formula with pleasant fragrance.

Price: Rs.115

An ammonia free, permanent hair color, with mother of pearl and ginseng root extract for shiny and resilient hair, Revlon top speed hair color ensure 100% gray coverage. It comes with easy application and professional retouch brush.

Price: Rs.598

Vegetal Safe Colour- Soft Black Natural Hair Color is made with natural ingredients - herbal extracts & ayurvedic herbs. It shields your hair from getting affected due to external pollution, dust, and dirt. It contains no harmful synthetic chemicals.

Price: Rs.730

Dr. Batra's herbal hair color contains henna and herbs that act as natural agents for shiny and lustrous hair. It has a high protection formula, is ammonia free and highly recommended by trichologists.

Price: Rs.719

Being infused with natural ingredients along with coloring the hair, Indus Valley hair color is free from ammonia and makes hair healthier and shinier. It also helps in controlling hair breakage, soothes and hydrates the scalp & hair and keeps dandruff & itchiness away.

Price: Rs.539

L'Oreal Paris hair color is a nourishing hair color with clean and easy preparation and application. It comes with an exclusive non-drip creme and gives your hair a rich, gorgeous, radiant color.

Price: Rs.496

Bigen Men's hair color provides natural, healthy looking hair with no harsh smell and lon-lasting color. It contains 3 conditioning ingredients - olive oil, glycine, pullulan and is enriched with taurine.

Price: Rs.340

This product is safe for all hair types, works in only 35-40 minutes and gives you long lasting instant natural black color while nourishing your hair. It is a French formulated Cream hair color, enriched with organic ingredients and is 100% safe from aggressive chemicals.

Price: Rs.1169

An excellent, all-natural hair conditioning and coloring kit that adds richness and shine. It offers a henna and indigo blend mixture and is 100% natural & effective working for men and women.

Price: Rs.1275


Whether you have spotted your first grey locks or just want to update you look, take the tiring guesswork out of selecting a suitable men's hair colour by opting for these recommended products.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email

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