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PKMH Hairstyle Tips

If you've had too many terrible hair days and are wary of trying simple and easy hairstyles for long hair that don't turn out the way you want, then you should check through our list of hair hacks for some easy solutions.


Here we go:

1. Make curls last longer by using foils

If you have straight hair and want to wear some curls that will last all day, utilize the foil method. Make a coil out of your hair. Wrap your hair coil in foil and push it with a flat iron. As the hair cools, the foil acts as a heat conductor, keeping it coiled. Curls that seem natural and last longer as a result.

2. You've Been Using Bobby Pins In The Wrong Style

Flip your bobby pin so that the wavy side is facing you. This will assist you in tightening the grip on your hair. The straight side of the bobby pins can easily come undone, causing your hair to hang loose after a while. Try the opposite side to keep your hair in place for a longer period of time.

3. Using only Bobby Pins, you can create an updo in seconds

Tease the crown of your head using a teasing comb. Take a section of hair from your hairline to your top of your head. To keep it in place, use bobby pins. Now, take a little part of your right side hair and wrap it behind your head, fastening it with bobby pins. Do the same with your left side of the head. Repeat the technique until you have three to four portions of hair from each side.

4. Use Eyeshadow to Cheat Into Thicker Hair

Do you want to give the impression that you have thick hair? Simply dust some eyeshadow that matches your hair colour on the parting of your hair. Your scalp will appear to be covered in hair. The method is incredibly effective and looks amazing in images.

5. Mascara can be used to conceal regrowth and grey hairs.

When it comes to concealing grey hair or root regrowth, mascara is your best friend. Make certain that the mascara you use matches the colour of your hair. Just make sure your scalp and hair aren't caked with mascara. You may now do charming and simple hairstyles without worrying about your greys.

6. French Twist On Short Hair

Anything is possible with a lot of hairpins and bobby pins. After finishing the styling go to the pins which match with your hair colour and vertically roll your curls in the back and fix them with the help of these pins. If not all of your strands can reach all the way around your face, leave some down around your face for a soft, purposeful effect.

7. Messy And Accessorised

The contrast between the wet, ruffled strands and a lovely pearl hair barrette keeps this short hairdo from feeling too prissy or too mussy. Try a strong-hold mousse on damp hair for grip, then on dried hair for increased texture to obtain extra texture without the greasy sensation of pomade or the crunchy feel of a gel.

8. A Pompadour On Short Hair

If you like your hair to have a lot of volume, don't let flat roots ruin your look. Apply a thickening spray on damp hair, then blow dry your hair in an upward direction to add volume. Curl little portions of hair away from your face with a small flat iron, then hairspray it all in place.

9. Fake bangs

Do you want bangs but don't want to go to the trouble of cutting your hair short and risking your appearance? If you answered yes, you'll be relieved to learn that you can always achieve that charming bangs style without using scissors. All you have to do is twist and turn your hair a little. You can learn how to make totally natural-looking fake bangs with your own hair utilising a creative hair trick that works great with top-knot/bun hairstyles.

10. Flat Iron Waves With The Help Of Braids

There are a lot of fascinating techniques to produce wavy curls with varying results, and most of the flat iron methods for creating soft waves in your hair are a little intricate and tricky. But what if you could achieve it in only a few minutes without having to utilise any strange techniques? All you have to do now is braid your hair and flat iron it. This technique will give you natural-looking waves throughout your hair that will last all day.


Taking care of your hair and styling it every morning will no longer be a challenge with the #pkmhhairstyle tips. With these really useful tips and hacks, you can undoubtedly look your best while also saving money and time.

Let’s get the bounce ‘back in a hack’!

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