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Eye Makeup for Spectacle Wearers

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Long gone are the days where spectacles meant camouflaging your features. Today many fashionistas don spectacles to up their style game. And if you’re someone who believes they cannot wear beautiful eye makeup if they have their glasses on all the time? Well we’re here to prove you wrong.

These 5 eye makeup looks will change your perception forever. Oh and a gentle reminder to all the girls! You’re beautiful anyway.


Prepping the Face:

Start off with the common base on the face with a good primer , followed by a concealer and a light foundation suiting your skin tone. After you’re done setting your face makeup, choose one of the eye makeup options below. Finish off with a lip colour & blush of your choice. However we’d suggest keeping the rest of the face muted if you’re eyes are enhanced with makeup.


1. simple and bold with yellow

Image Source: Pinterest

Start with applying a base with light brown shadow. Next step is to take yellow color eyeshadow and apply it on the inner as well as outer corner and finally blend it properly. Very easy and subtle. Since you’re a girl who has to wear spectacles regularly, this bold look will not let the boring spectacles hide your eye makeup but will accentuate your beauty.

2. Earthy soft Eyeliner

Image Source: Pinterest

The very easy and go-to make-up look of most of the ladies out there is the brown soft eye look. Blending is the key to get this amazing and classy look. All you have to do is apply a brown eyeshadow on the inner and outer corner of your eye and blend it properly with a blending brush. Smoke it with a deep grey or black kohl. And blend the shadow and kohl to soften thr look. Complete the look with a lash defining mascara. So gorg!

3. Blue winged eyeliner

Image Source: Pinterest

The blue eyeliner is the new cool and nothing can beat the beauty of it. Just apply a properly blended base using the nude colour palette and then gently apply winged blue eyeliner on your upper lash line to create a sassy look. You can try all the shades of blue to suit your personal style statement.

4. Soft smokey eye

Image Source: Pinterest

Who says girls with spectacles can’t rock the Smokey eye look. Oh you definitely can! Smokey eye look sounds difficult but is the most easiest one. All you have to do is set a base with nude colors of your choice. Apply some kohl with a black eyeshadow on your upper and lower lash line and get that smudging and blending game on. Finish this look with some highlighter under the eyebrows to give a smoking hot look to your eyes.

5. Warm Copper eye

Image Source: Pinterest

The very simple and defined look is the warm Copper eye look. Create a base with nude colors of your choice and blend it properly. Apply copper eyeshadow on the crease of your eyelid, blend it lightly towards the inner corner. Blending is key here to get that subtle angelic look. Don’t forget to apply the shade on the lower lash line as well. This will make your eyes look bigger even in glasses!


These are some of the hottest eye makeup looks for girls with spectacles. We recommend you get your spectacle makeup look on point. Also, don't forget to finish off your eye looks by applying some lash defining mascara and kohl or liner to complete your eye makeup. Use a brow filler for your eyebrows and comb and set with an eyebrow gel to keep the flyaways in place. And voila… it’s time to let your eyes do the talking!

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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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