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Eyeshadow Primers

PKMH Product Recommendations

Eyeshadow primers are used to create an even base on the eyelid for various eye makeup looks. They help to extend the wear of eyeshadow and allow for smoother blending. To get chic and long lasting eye makeup, they are a must-have in ones makeup kit!


Here are our 10 #PKMHRecommends Eyeshadow Primers:

1. e.l.f. Cosmetics Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer

The lightweight formula of this primer makes it easy for you to pull and makeup look. The product is also vegan and cruelty-free. The primer by e.l.f. Cosmetics prevents shadows from creasing and fading out.

Price- ₹350

2. REVLON Photoready Eye Primer plus Brightener

This is a fantastic, highly rated eyeshadow primer from Revlon. It helps in softening your skin and evens out the skin texture. It gives an excellent base to your eyelids for your foundation to blend effortlessly with much ease. Many consumers have absolutely loved this primer due to its brightening texture.

Price- ₹3700

3. Butter London Anti-Aging Shadow & Primer

It is an innovative and powerful primer that improves the appearance of wrinkles and smoothening the lids to give a fresh look. Customers have loved it due to its high-performance pigments, which provide a favourite even colour texture.

Price- ₹2670

4. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer

This eyeshadow primer by wet n wild is a beautiful product to brighten up your eyelids. The application of this primer is smooth and effortless. It lasts all day long and gives an even texture to your eye make-up. Customers have called this product a 'bomb' due to the fantastic results at the best price.

Price- ₹599

5. M.A.C Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base

The Primer is mainly formed to make your eyeshadow looks last longer than usual. The formula of this primer prevents your eyeshadow from creasing and fading. Various customers have called this product worth every penny because of its comfortable and lightweight texture, which suits every skin type.

Price- ₹1950

6. Milani Eyeshadow Primer

This very excellent primer by Milani goes on nude and dries quickly as soon as you apply. It is an invisible look and has a lightweight texture. People have absolutely loved this product and called it their most favorite one.

Price- ₹1050

7. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

The Primer gives coverage up to 24 hours. This is an ultra-lightweight primer that is colourless. It has an easy application that glides through your lids smoothly. The primer is crease-proof, fade-proof and surprisingly water-proof as well. Their customers have called this product a good one.

Price- ₹1700

8. Daily Life Forever52 Eyeshadow Base

This eyeshadow primer is to make your eyes look mesmerising and magical. The ultra-smooth silky texture of your base is what you get after an effortless application with this primer. You can pull out an eyeshadow look with this primer as a base.

Price- ₹629

9. Kryolan Ultra Underbase

This primer gives a perfect base to your eyeshadow looks. This has an ultra-thin application to give a professional look. The primer is brilliant in softening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by providing a smooth texture. Many consumers have found this product worthy and excellent.

Price- ₹2000

10. Nyx Professional Makeup Eye Shadow Base

This primer helps in intensifying any eyeshadow look with its amazing application. It also helps eyeshadow look to last longer. You get elegant shades to pull every eye makeup look of your choice. Price- ₹1374


So which eyeshadow primer did you like the most? All these products have been tried and tested and hence recommended by our team of experts. Do give them a try, and you'll thank us when you get obsessed with them.

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  • NOTE: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only and might not suit all skin types & conditions. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, reach out to us on email.

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